Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Parts of Women Body Like to be kissed

In addition to the touch, she also likes being kissed by her partner. But a kiss is not just lip service, there are also other body parts that women like to be kissed. Here are the six parts of the body, as quoted Askmen:

1. Ear
Ears often a forgotten part of the body to be touched when men do foreplay for her partner. And with a kiss on the ear, can increase libido in women. As reported by AskMen, try kissing your partner's ears slowly and feel the sensations that will be obtained.

2. Neck back

One of the easiest ways to get the mood to make love with a woman is kissing the back of his neck. Kissing the back of the neck this can be done if you suddenly want to deliver a shock. For example, when he was washing dishes or working at the computer.

3. Collarbone

When your partner is still wearing clothes, one of the places intimate enough to be kissed. For those of you who do not know, there collarbone near the shoulder. Prominent bone in the shoulder, that's collarbone.

4. Face

When kissing a woman in the face, a kiss is more than just a kiss. When doing so, there is a warmth that is felt. Try to kiss your partner lightly and gently on the cheek, forehead, and jaw line. But do not ever licked his face because it is so not sexy. Face your partner should be treated gently.

5. Hips

You certainly do not think that the hip is one woman's sensitive areas. Hips can be very sensitive to women because the body is already close to the area that you really want to go.

6. Breast

Kissing a woman's breasts can be very sexy. But if you're doing it wrong, it can make a woman so lost appetite for sex. Do not ever bite her breasts if your spouse is not the type who likes it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Style of Making Love to Women Who Have Difficulty Conceiving

The position of the inverted uterus is often said to be the cause of married couples with children is difficult. If you are experiencing these conditions, there are several ways you can do to overcome them, one by changing the position of making love.

But first, what conditions need to be known as an inverted uterus, or uterine retrofleksio scientific terms. Dr. Vanda Mustika (consultant sex) explain, most position of the uterus slightly bent forward (antefleksi), so that the mouth of the uterus in the direction of discharge of sperm, and sperm can directly swim into the uterus to reach the egg.

But in some women the uterus is shaped retrofleksi, which is bent backwards. In these conditions, the cervix is ​​supposed to be in the direction of sperm, its position becomes ill-fitting and more difficult for the sperm into the uterus.

It can be tricked by changing position during sexual intercourse. The trick; your position down or menungging with the direction of penetration from behind you. The position is to make ends Mr. Happy couples will face your cervix, as well as sperm can directly go and swim toward the cervix into the uterus to reach the egg.

After ejaculation, you should not immediately turn around. Hold this position for 10-15 minutes to give the opportunity for sperm to swim to find your egg. Previously need to be ascertained first whether you and your husband's condition allows for the occurrence of pregnancy.

Check and make sure there is no blockage in your fallopian tubes. Learn also how to condition your ovaries, whether healthy and may issue an egg each month.

Another important thing to examine is the quality and quantity of the husband's sperm. Have a husband underwent this examination? Because it takes a certain concentration of sperm, and sperm are intact with good movement to be able to fertilize an egg. When you and your partner have the means of reproduction which are equally healthy then try to force on during sexual intercourse in order to help accelerate the occurrence of pregnancy.

This is Food That Can Lower Your Sexual Desire

This is Food That Can Lower Your Sexual Desire
Pleasure of sex can be reduced if the passion for it began to decrease. Food is one of many factors causing the decrease in sexual desire. It's good, you know what kind of food that could interfere with intimacy between husband and wife.

Here are 7 foods that should be a concern in order not to lose your desire to make love:

1. Licorice

Licorice is a sweet root crop that is often used as a food ingredient for candy or other sweet foods. Licorice contains phytoestrogens, which can lower testosterone levels. This hormone not only found in men but also in women who triggers sexual desire.

2. Soybean

Soy is very good for your health. However, if consumed too much, kind of nuts and its processed products (tempeh, tofu, milk) have the same effect as licorice, namely trigger testosterone levels to drop.

3. Coriander leaves

The content of the coriander leaves can also reduce testosterone levels. The leaves are often used as a complementary flavor of this dish, often encountered in the typical food of Mexico and Vietnam.

4. Mint

Mint is often used as ingredients for candy or liquid breath freshener. The content of mint can also lower testosterone levels and have a negative impact on your sexual desire.

5. Corn Flakes

You have to know why John Harvey Kellogg created corn flakes that are currently quite popular. He is a doctor at a sanatorium, a hospital to treat patients with chronic disease. Kellogg created corn flakes to reduce sexual desire of the patient.

6. Sweet and fatty foods

Too many sweet and fatty foods can close the arterial wall. It inhibits blood flow to the genital area are at risk of decreased sexual desire.

7. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are consumed in excess can also reduce sexual desire. After drinking alcohol, people also tend to become depressed and headaches.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Eating Chocolate Makes Women Viewed Kindly by Men

Eating Chocolate Makes Women Viewed Kindly by Men
Eat ice cream, sweets, chocolates and so are believed to relieve stress and create a happy mood. Recently there are studies showing that there are more interesting facts from it.

Researchers from the University of North Dakota found that women in particular food tastes is directly related to how he is viewed by those around her, especially men. What does it mean?

Based on the results of the studies cited Genius Beauty, lover of sweet foods like candy and cake viewed as more friendly, cheerful and optimistic in the eyes of the opposite sex than people who prefer other foods. According to one study author Professor Brian Meier, every day people feel the bitter taste; sweet; acid; spicy or salty.

Brian explains further, the types of taste of food can affect mood and character of a person. During the research, respondents are welcome to choose foods they like. The researchers also observed deeper in the respondents who chose a bar of chocolate or crackers.

Once research is complete, found that respondents who chose a sweet tooth, more open in communicating, more friendly and willing to help others. While in the eyes of men, women who like sweet foods considered to be more caring, compassionate and could be a potential future wife.

Please note, this is a result of the initial research that can not be concluded whether the choice of a particular sense of something to do directly with the type of a person's character. Professor Brian and his team also could not confirm whether the woman can turn into a more friendly after eating sweet foods.

Furthermore, these studies also have not been able to show how the character of the respondents who chose foods with flavor other than sweet. The study was expected to continue to find out other facts that may arise.

Groundbreaking Research Continues for Heart Cancer malignancy

Heart malignancy has been discussed all through the internet lately because there are some new research insights which have been found. Scientists produced some wonderful inroads regarding this type of cancer.

1. Kidney Cancer malignancy in the Information

The latest kidney most cancers news says that CT scans can be utilized to diagnose kidney most cancers, and it also assists decrease lung cancer malignancy results substantially. It has also been found that lung area most cancers normally requires two various kinds, 1 for smokers and non smokers every. And, the newest press is that people who smoke take into account quitting when they take a personalized lung area cancer malignancy risk assessment check. This piece of details highlights and connotes the impact a chance assessment test has on the psyche of the smoker, who possibly realizes for the very first time the truly danger involved in creating a cancerous condition.

2. Total Bloom

Cancer malignancy spreads in the entire body, like SEO assists a website's status.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prevent Cancer by Drinking a Cup of Coffee

Good news for you coffee lovers. Drinks with a bittersweet taste that can make your body fresh and reduce drowsiness. Recent research states that if drinking coffee regularly every day, coffee can be efficacious devastating to prevent cancer cell growth.

Many studies about the efficacy of coffee has been conducted by experts. One of them said, those who regularly drink beverages in solid black, the small risk of stroke. Especially if you drink 3 to 4 cups or more coffee a day.

A recent study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, there is the latest information about the properties of coffee beans. In the journal, noted that those who like to drink coffee at least 4 cups per day had 25% lower risk of getting cancer of the endometrium. Because, coffee contains high antioxidants that are good for the body mechanism.

A principal investigator and professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, Edward Giovannucci, say, coffee contains a proven good for the body to act as a protective against cancer due to obesity, estrogen, and insulin.

"Coffee can protect from obesity because of the effects of insulin. We therefore hope that we will melihal effect lowers the risk of cancer. From laboratory testing of coffee has more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables, 'Thus says Edward.

According to a cup of coffee every day is very bad for the body. Therefore, the coffee has a powerful nutrient that t can prevent cancer. A cup of coffee every day can also keep the body from the problem of obesity.

Edward and other colleagues including Youjin Je, a doctoral candidate at the institute, where Edward works, see the cases of endometrial cancer in nearly 70 thousand women involved in researching the Nurses' Health Study.

They documented 672 cases of endometrial cancer for 26 years. They found that minumlebih than 4 cups of coffee have a greater risk of cancer decreased by 25%. While those who drank 2-3 cups has a 7% lower.

Edward would like to see further research on the effects of coffee against cancer. Because in this study, the coffee they drink is coffee without randomized first choice. That way, the researchers hope that the good results obtained can also be applicable in decaffeinated coffee. With the benefit of the same or at least have decreased by 22% if consumed more than 2 cups of coffee per day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your husband is Premature Ejaculation? Avoid these things!

Your husband is Premature Ejaculation? Avoid these things!
Premature ejaculation is not a problem in women. But when a husband or partner you experience premature ejaculation, then it implies that your sexual satisfaction was reduced. Women do not get disappointed because they orgasm, while the man was the climax first and hard erection again. Many women are less satisfied spouses cannot last longer during sex.

Actually, to overcome premature ejaculation, there are two things that men should not be done during lovemaking. What are the two things? As quoted from askdanandjennifer, these two things:

1. Stop Trying to Love Like Porn Stars

Quite a few men who tried to absorb the lessons sex from porn. But it is by acting like a porn star, premature ejaculation is more likely to occur.

The young men think they can survive when having sex with her partner, as what the porn star. Unfortunately that did not realize the men, porn is already experiencing a lot of editing.

Of course when the director wanted to show pictures made of its audiences. So could the actor quit during the first five, when in action with her partner, so he did not ejaculate quickly. After the break, just do it again the star. So on until the desired image obtained.

Keep in mind, the above occurred in men who have not been addicted to movies and trying to make love like a porn actor who watched the big screen. Conditions far different place if the man was watching too much porn.

Porn addiction can actually cause a man difficult to reach climax.

2. Not Giving Woman Orgasm

One way to prevent premature ejaculation is to relieve pressure on the action of men during lovemaking. Sometimes when having sex, men should be able to make a woman feel satisfied. Because of that, an inexperienced man became restless and agitated during lovemaking. Anxiety is what can make the men experience premature ejaculation.

So how do I reduce anxiety? The trick is actually easy, do not rush when giving foreplay on women, if men really want to make their partner reaches orgasm.

After the woman seemed very excited and he was already more relaxed, then penetration.nWomen can quickly get orgasm during foreplay as long as he's really excited. So when the man ejaculating too quickly, it did not matter because the women had had an orgasm.

When women have an orgasm, men can become more not feel the pressure. They can enjoy the activity and last longer.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interesting Facts About Walking

Walking is one of the most popular form of exercise many people. Because in addition to cheap, walking is a sport that can be easily adjusted to almost everyone. Did you know that walking helps strengthen bones, control weight, and condition of the heart and lungs?

Walking is also one of the simplest forms of aerobics. Conduct walk regularly and consistently is one of the most important factors in shaping a healthy physical activity program. Research shows that people who walk approximately 20-25 miles per week, more life than those who do not.

Well, here are some facts about walking and the benefits that can be drawn from this little exercise.
  • On average, every minute walk to prolong life of 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Walk for 20 minutes each day will burn 7 pounds of fat per year.
  • Walking is not every day 40 minutes is the best way to lose weight.
  • Fast walking 20-25 minutes will provide good conditions for the heart and lungs.
  • Walking on improving the efficiency of the heart and lungs.
  • Burn fat in the body.
  • Increase metabolism so the body burns calories faster.
  • It helps control the appetite.
  • Increasing energy.
  • It retards aging.
  • Reducing blood cholesterol levels.
  • Reducing high blood levels.
  • Help control and prevention of diabetes.
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers such as prostate and breast cancer.
  • To help the recovery of heart attack and stroke.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the legs, thighs and bones.
Walking also proved to be much more unpopular than running or jogging because walking reduces stress on the body including the thighs, knees and feet. Remember to always warm up first, and rest after a walk. Let's do regular walks and activities to get the benefits immediately.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Healthy Diet for Diabetes

Many diabetics fear to keep the weight with a diet. Diabetes can be prevented with healthy lifestyle changes. You can make a difference by eating a healthy diet, maintaining weight loss and exercise.

A good diet for diabetes were divided into three:

  1. What you eat: diet you will bring a big difference. You should eat lots of plant food sources, reducing refined carbohydrates and sugary drinks and choose healthy fats.
  2. When did you eat: Diet also includes a meal. Maintaining regular meals as well as time to enjoy a snack at a regular time will affect blood sugar levels. This will help to maintain constant blood sugar levels at a safe level.
  3. How much you eat: food portion influential. Even if you eat foods that are very healthy, if meals you too much, certainly will add to or overweight. Excess weight is a factor which is quite dangerous in diabetes.

You do not need special food, but only need to add vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Diet for diabetes is quite simple, just with a healthy eating plan to improve nutrition, reduce fat, and enough calories. This diet is healthy for anyone.

So what are the myths and facts about diet for diabetes?

Myth: You should avoid sugar at all costs.

Fact: The good news, you can still enjoy the food (sweet / sugary) favorite, as long as you are able to plan and schedule it properly. Key when eating dessert or sweet foods is to ensure that it is part of a healthy eating plan or combined with exercise.

Myth: High-protein diet is best.

Fact: Research has shown that eating too much protein, especially animal protein, can actually cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a dangerous factor in diabetes. A healthy diet includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Our bodies need all three for normal body function. The key is a balanced diet.

Myth: You should cut off all the intake of carbohydrates.

Fact: Again, the key to keeping diabetes is to eat a balanced diet. Serving size and type of carbohydrates you eat into consideration important in the diet. Focus on carbohydrates from whole grains, because the food has become a good source of fiber and slowly digested by the stomach, keeping blood sugar levels more even.

Myth: You will not be able to eat normally again. You need special diabetic foods.

Fact: Principles of healthy eating are the same - is there a level to prevent or control diabetes. Special diabetic foods or expensive diet foods usually do not have special benefits. You can easily eat with family and friends without fear of your diet is compromised, as long as you know the dose you should asup and eat with a portion being.

Hair Style Options for Busy Women

Activity density of career women sometimes make their appearance aside. Hair as a crown also sometimes go unnoticed. To you who are classified as busy as you are a career woman or a young mother who began to busy with the baby, it's worth considering the appropriate choice of hairstyle with the activities and easy to care for her.

When you are busy, lazy lingering spend time styling your hair, choose a fabric or a piece of hair that makes it easy to maintain your appearance remain beautiful and attractive. Several options can be used as a reference for you:


If your hair is relatively straight stakes and expands, it never hurts to break down the hair with the look a bit messy. 'Messy hair' can be sensual impression. Comb your hair with your fingers, loose outlets and spray hair spray hair.

Pigtail Horse

Tying hair back can be a simple way to display the overall shape of your face and more fresh.

Pieces of Bob

If your hair is quite unruly, Bob haircut can be an attractive option. Bob cut quite simple and easily managed. Additionally bob style can show that the effect is more fresh in the face.

Layer Style

Techniques haircut with layers will display hairdo that looked more volume. Moreover, the superiority of the layer structure is easy to arrange, and layer technique is relatively suitable for different face shapes.

Hair Accessories

Another option for busy women are using hair accessories. With the headband, you can keep your hair without the need to bother tidiness. Hairpin can also be applied to your hair. These accessories can also be used as 'jewelry' that makes you appear more attractive.

High Fiber Foods for Optimal Health

In addition to regular exercise, healthy eating is also an important requirement to obtain an optimal healthy body. Eating foods that contain fiber is one of them, because knowledge of the benefits of fiber for the body has been known since ancient. However, often among us who do not realize that to get the fiber can be obtained through foods that are all around us.

Dietary fiber is actually a material that make up plant cell walls, because it is only found in foods from plants. Good fiber to help lower cholesterol and prevent constipation because it absorbs water as it passes through the digestive tract. Fiber is also not easy to make us feel hungry, therefore widely used as one ingredient diet. Fiber can even help overcome hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and intestinal disorders.

Well, here are some foods that contain fiber and are very much useful for optimal health. If you feel rarely consume these foods, it's good from now on you get used to eat the following foods for better health.

Leaf lettuce
Leaf lettuce contain fiber as much as 0.6 grams per 100 grams of material. The leaves also contain vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. Its function, leaf lettuce can help improve the internal organs, preventing the heat in, launching metabolism, prevent dry skin, and treat insomnia (difficulty sleeping).

Small cucumbers
Fibers in a small cucumber, about 0.5 grams per 100 grams of material. Vitamins and minerals are in a small cucumber including Vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. Small cucumber commonly used to relieve heartburn, digestive system, smoothing the skin, and can help lower high blood pressure.

Celery is useful to slow the aging process, lowers blood pressure, body neutralize acid, and lowers blood cholesterol levels. Celery contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. Celery contains fiber grading 1.5 grams per 100 grams.

Bitter Melon
bitter melon contain as much as 0.8 grams of fiber per 100 grams of material. bitter melon contain karatin, amino acids, vitamin C, and calcium. Bitter melon commonly used to cool the body during hot weather, cope with stroke, overcome diabetes mellitus, ulcers, facilitate breastfeeding, and preventing constipation.

Sweet Potato Roots
The fiber in sweet potato roots about 0.8 grams per 100 grams of material. The roots of sweet potatoes also contain vitamin E and protein. The roots of sweet potato used to help slow the growth and aging.

Cabbage contains about 0.9 grams of fiber per 100 grams of material. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, potassium, phosphorus, and iodine found in vegetables this one. Cabbage efficacious for preventing skin disease, inhibit tumor growth, lower blood cholesterol and prevent colon and stomach cancer.

The fiber content is high in carrots which is 4 grams per 100 grams of material. Carrots also contain vitamins A, B, and C, beta-carotene, and minerals potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Carrots are beneficial to reduce the risk of cancer, lowers blood cholesterol, maintain eye health, improving the digestive tract, and maintain liver health.

Spinach is high in fiber include vegetables grading 2.8 grams per 100 grams of material. Spinach also contain provitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. Spinach is useful for preventing anemia, digestive health, reduce the risk of cancer, and losing weight.

Pumpkin Yellow
Pumpkin also has a fairly high fiber content which is 2.4 grams per 100 grams of material. Other nutrients found in pumpkin is vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and beta-carotene. Pumpkin useful to strengthen the immune system, slows the aging process, and prevent colon cancer.

Mustard Greens
The fiber content in green cabbage about 1.8 grams per 100 grams of material. In addition to fiber, mustard greens also contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. Green cabbage efficacious to prevent cancer, helps digestive health, and prevent and treat disease pellagra.

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Best Way for Choosing Lipstick Color

Women are often confused in choosing the color of lipstick. Choose the wrong shade of lipstick is annoying. The color of a lipstick that does not fit is often a problem typical of the women. Insecurity often arise when women choose the wrong shade of lipstick. Then how to choose the right lipstick color for you? Consider the following reviews.

Know Thyself With Good

Success or failure color lipstick on your lips depending on how you know yourself. If you see someone choosing lipstick color is good and right does not mean it would be nice also be applied to your lips. It depends on your original lip color. Therefore recognize the lip color will make it easier for you when determining the color.

Choose a neutral color

Neutral color that is not the color of concealer or a matching color to the skin. Color matching the color of lipstick that will make your skin look more pale. Use colors that are slightly brighter than your lip color. This will accentuate your lips. Choose bright colors for those who have thick lips. Avoid excessive use of lip gloss because it will add to the thickness of the lips.

Apply the Right Way

When applying lipstick, should use the center of the lower lip as a guide in choosing the right color. This section is the part that most accurately representing the color of your lips. If you have applied several times, try to clean up first because of the color of your lips are vague and unclear. Lips will also appear darker if exposed to the sun, consider this before applying the color.

Be creative with Lipstick

No lipstick produced costume. All mass-produced so none really fits you. That is, you are allowed to mix and a little creative with certain colors. Origin is still confident and precise when applied. Why not?

Active Sex Can Make a Happier Retirement

Facing retirement, many people are afraid of a psychic. However, if you have an active sex life, you need not worry. According to research, sex can make retirees feel happier. A study (quoted from the Telegraph) reveals that there is a direct relationship between the sex life after age 65 years with the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of life and marriage.

According to scientists, parents who engage in sexual activity more than once a month could describe their lives 'very happy'. When compared with those who do not do it in a year.

The same thing is concluded from a study conducted by the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in America, taken from the actress Jane Fonda. Jane's youthful appearance is thought to be related with a happy sex life.

73-year-old woman recounts in his autobiography, about the various counsel in the bedroom to the retirees. He was also admitted to having done testosterone hormone therapy to help him in maintaining sexual activity.

"This research will help open communication lines and sparked an interest to apply 'outside the box' in order to deal with issues that limit and prevent parents from participating in sexual activity. Highlighting sex and happiness will assist us in developing and managing specific sexual health interventions, "said Adrienne Jackson, leader of the study.

Research involving as many as 238 people marry with age above 25 years was found, that there were 60 per cent of couples having sex and judged that the retirement life they are in a 'very happy'. In contrast to 40 percent of retired couples who seldom engage in sex for a year.

These results were obtained after taking into account factors such as age, gender, health conditions and satisfaction regarding their financial situation. This research became the latest of a series of research reports linking sex with a happy retired life.

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11 Ways Right Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Previously we discussed about 4 symptoms of breast cancer should caution. Breast cancer cases in fact strongly influenced by environment, lifestyle and choice of contraceptives. The existence of the chemicals found in food, beverages, air, drugs are consumed and some products can affect the development and performance of breast cells every day, thus increasing the risk of breast cancer. How can I reduce the risk of breast cancer? let us consider the following tips.
  1. Reduce the use of enhancing drugs such as hormones, intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) and artificial lubricants for a dry vagina.
  2. Having a healthy weight and keep it from excessive or less, thus reducing one risk factor for breast cancer.
  3. Exercise regularly at least 3-4 hours in one week, but if it can add hours of exercise would be much better.
  4. Avoiding alcohol, according to a 2007 study known to the incidence of breast cancer increases if you consume alcohol.
  5. Stop smoking and avoid exposure to smoke and places that have exposure to cigarette smoke.
  6. Exposed to a little sunshine to get vitamin D. Ask your doctor, how many doses are appropriate. Usually the city does not have sufficient vitamin D dose. Besides getting used to running outside ruanga, taking supplements of vitamin D3, fish oils and dairy products are good alternatives.
  7. Reconsider your diet. Have a healthy diet by reducing the fried foods, fast food or packaged ready to use. Perbanyaklah and eating fruits and vegetables that have been washed first.
  8. Avoid cooking or heating food in plastic containers or PANDI that can cause harmful chemicals can be exposed to hot air. Consider the material of stainless steel, ceramic or metal for cooking, serving food and save the.
  9. Consume water that has been thoroughly cooked and through filtering.
  10. Have enough sleep patterns and quality every day. Enough sleep can improve and maintain your immune system tubuhmembantu.
  11. Always select a safe household products, such as avoiding the use of pesticides and other products known to contain harmful chemicals.

Read also other cancer-related articles:

4 Symptoms of Breast Cancer Should Caution

Breast cancer is one of the most feared diseases of women because it can cause death if diagnosed late. Therefore, it helps you recognize early symptoms of breast cancer. Here are five common symptoms of breast cancer that is often unconscious.
  1. Taste Itching, Pain and Expressing Breast
    A rash on the skin or burning sensation when touching the breasts are signs of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rare and deadly disease, but not too well known. IBC's can cause breast swelling, irritation and pain onset. In addition IBC also cause redness and even purple like a bruise. IBC initially accompanied by a feeling sore as when pre-menstrual (PMS) as affected by allergies and itching. But the second flavor does not disappear in the near future.
  2. The existence of Changes in Breast Nipples
    One of the locations of the most common breast cancer is under the nipple. Therefore, if your nipples change shape or color it's worth it immediately went to the doctor. Besides shape and color, nipple bleeding, watery or scaly skin around the nipple become, can be some symptoms of breast cancer.
  3. Changing Shape and Size One Breast
    Not all lumps are cancer causing considerable. A woman in California to know that he was suffering from breast cancer after seeing that the shape of one of her breasts became more oval, and somewhat lower sticking to one side.
  4. Upper Back Pain
    Although not many, but there are some cases of breast cancer that begins with symptoms of back pain. Usually the pain is located on the upper back area or between the shoulder blades. Backache is almost the same as muscle pain, tendon or osteoarthritis of the spine, so it is quite difficult to distinguish. This occurs due to cancer that drives the chest wall toward the rib cage and spine.
One of the best way to find changes in your breasts is to recognize the shape and appearance as well. Sit facing a mirror and notice the difference. You can also find out if one feels very tight bra cup while others do not.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Be careful! Depression Due to Trying to be Perfect Mother

When being a working mom, you will bend over backwards to do everything well.But according to a recent study, women who try to be perfect mothers are at risk of depression. Research presented at a regular meeting of the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas found that the work turned out to have benefits for both maternal mental health. Among working mothers, those with minor depression risk is not trying to be supermom. Mothers who are not depressed is not really trying hard to balance work with family life.

"Women who seek to be ideal actually increase symptoms of depression than women who are more skeptical about balancing work and family," explains one researcher Katrina Leupp, a graduate of the University of Washington, as quoted by LiveScience.
Research conducted Leupp and his friends involving 1600 women were married. The study is called 'National Longitudinal Survey of Youth' and starts since 1987.

In that study, women were asked to answer questions to gauge their support for working women. They were also asked whether or not to agree with the statement: "Women are happier if I were a housewife and take care of the child".

In 1992 and 1994, the respondent who was then already 40 years old answered questions about symptoms of depression they experienced. Just like previous research, the survey shows, working mother, having fewer depressive symptoms than housewives. That may be because working mothers have more opportunities to interact, more diverse activities and have income.

"Ironically, women who are not trying to balance work and family have better mental health than those who try to be perfect," said Leupp.

Leupp argues that working women trying to be perfect is likely to be felt in conflict with the work environment. Work environment does not support a balance between work and family.

"When they can’t balance everything perfectly, supermom becomes more frustrated and guilty," said Leupp.

From this research, Leupp hope our working mothers may feel more optimistic in carrying out his days between a parent and worker. Working mothers should not blame themselves if something is wrong in carrying out his days.

"Be aware if they have trouble, it's because it's difficult," he concluded.

Women Are More Prone to Depression

Perfection of a woman is when she becomes a mother, but at the moment happy cuddling her baby, she is likely suffering afflicted with a type of depression known as baby blues. In order not to feel a depression, do not actually need to learn a strange moment, simply by leading a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep. Actually, there are four phases of life of depressed women who are vulnerable, namely: the phase before and after menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. If at any time experience symptoms of depression, should not be embarrassed to consult with a psychiatrist. Here are the main symptoms of depression experienced by women at four phases of life

The period before and after menstruation.
  • It's hard to concentrate. 
  • Feelings of instability.
  • Easy to anger.
  • Sad unwarranted.
  • Loss of vitality (moody)

  • Hate on her husband. 
  • Hate on her pregnancy.
  • Lazy treat the body and her pregnancy.
  • Pregnant excessive syndrome (vomiting and complaints are not Comfortable).
  • Weak, tired, and lethargic.
  • Has the idea of suicide (only in severe depression).

The period after childbirth
  • Appears behavioral abnormalities (postpartum psychosis),
  • Eg hallucinations.
  • Hate the baby (baby blues).
  • Lazy treating postpartum body

  • Loss of passion.
  • Chronic Fatigue.
  • Feeling useless anymore.
  • The face burned.
  • Disturbed sleep (insomnia).

Let's Walk and Feel the Benefits

Let's Walk and Feel the Benefits
Just imagine, just by lifting your buttocks off the couch in front of the tv or your office chair and walk around the house / office of your health and fitness has increased dramatically.

Here are some of the benefits of walking we can get:

Maintain Health Heart and Muscle

Walking can increase your heart rate, strengthens muscles and burn fat. Walking can train muscle strength and resilience of your body, and maintain strong bones and joints.

Walking Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes prevention program showed, by walking 150 minutes per week and reduce the 7% of your weight, will be able to reduce the risk of diabetes as much as 58%. Recent discoveries also suggest that we do not need to run a marathon, or start a diet program that makes you hungry to prevent diabetes, simply start walking and reduce the 7% of your weight. Easy enough right?

Keeping Blood Pressure

When you walk, your blood pressure decrease and cardiovascular function (blood metabolic system, heart and blood vessels) in your body increases. Recent studies also show that although you have been doing light exercise each week, it was not enough to lower blood pressure and improve your fitness. 30 minutes walk in 3 days during the week proved to be more effective against health and your blood pressure.

Maintaining Balance Weight

By walking, without realizing we can reap a positive impact on the balance weight. Walking every day will burn calories in the body. The farther you go, the more calories are burned in the body.

Slowing Aging Process

Walking can reduce stress levels and indirectly slow the aging process. Thus, stress management and relaxation will be more easy to do. Walking in the morning sun will help your skin to produce Vitamin D which is essential to your health. A study in the United States and Canada said that Vitamin D can reduce cancer risk and the risk of Osteoporosis. Walking regularly helps to form a strong leg, helping to make the waist look slim and helps you sleep better at night.

Runs Very Good For Brain Function

In an investigational study of a woman who walked regularly for 90 minutes per week had better cognitive function than women who regularly runs only 40 minutes per week.

Walking Reduces Risk of Breast and Colon Cancer

Women who regularly walk in the span of 75-150 minutes per week reduces the risk of breast cancer compared with women who rarely runs a regular basis. Many studies show that walking regularly can also prevent colon cancer. In certain cases, colon cancer patients who walked regularly the quality of life will increase.

Walking Helps Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Walk for 30 minutes in 3-4 days a week can reduce stress symptoms by 47%.

Walking Improve Fitness

Walk for 30 minutes during the week can improve your fitness Kardiorespiratori. Walking upright, staring straight ahead, and swing your arm. Air circulation in your body increases and your breathing is also increasing.

Apparently so many of the benefits of walking regularly.

But first, consult your health with your doctor or health expert before you start the program running on a regular basis. In order to obtain maximum results start with healthy eating.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Tips to Boost Women's Health

Women should make smarter health and lifestyle choices to stay healthy because modern day women are required to play many roles, both in professional and personal lives. Handling various responsibilities simultaneously is not easy. It requires the body and mind to be in a perfect condition.

Though the body processes of women are slightly complicated, a few simple and healthy changes in regular lifestyle can help them maintain proper health and stay away from health problems. Here are some healthy tips for women:

Women's health concerns are different from those of men

Physiologically, women's body differs greatly from men's body. Women's body is more sensitive than the men's body. Though many of the health problems in women and men are same, the way they affect women can be different. The risk factors experienced by both men and women are different for some diseases. For example, women are more prone to heart diseases and osteoporosis, while men are more prone to prostate cancer and developing stones in kidney. Hence, few health tips designed for men may not suit women.

Simple tips

All a woman needs to do is to take some time out of her busy schedule and follow few simple tips regularly to make her life healthy. Below are few of them.

Eat healthy

It is always necessary to have right diet in order to stay healthy. It is recommended for women to have plenty of natural food to get all necessary vitamins. Natural food includes fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals. Every day diet should contain right amounts of whole grains, high fiber foods, low fat dairy products, nuts, legumes, leaner cuts of fish, meat and poultry and raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber, celery, broccoli, etc.

In addition to the above list, you should also drink lots of water. You should avoid food which is high in sugar, salt, fat and calories, besides avoiding processed foods.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly will help you stay physically active, which may help in preventing many serious diseases like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, etc. Exercise is also found to improve life expectancy. At least 30 minutes of regular exercise should be done for five days a week. Regular exercise regime may include aerobic activities like, walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling and dancing. You can even do Yoga.

Manage stress

Women are found to suffer more from stress and depression, which may give rise to many serious health problems. Women should understand that mental health is very important for physical well-being. It just takes few minutes to relax and then you can actively get back to the normal daily routine. You can also manage stress by practicing few relaxation techniques like meditation or by doing physical exercise.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays an important role in improving one's health, especially women's health, as they handle various roles in their everyday life. A woman’s body should get at least seven to nine hours of good sleep to wake up refreshed. Sleep generates lot of positive energy which is very much essential for increasing productivity and overall sense of well-being. Good night's sleep is found to increase life expectancy too.

Stay away from drug abuse

Today, many of the women are getting into unhealthy habits like substance abuse. Women suffer more from the ill effects of drug abuse compared to men. Hence, some of the serious bad habits like drug abuse, smoking, alcohol consumption should be avoided at any cost to stay healthy.

Get regular check-ups

Taking time out for regular weekly or monthly check-ups shows your willingness to stay healthy. As already said, women are easily prone to health problems, they should go for regular check-ups to keep themselves well informed about their body's condition. Women should regularly go for tests such as, mammography, bone density test, blood pressure check, cholesterol screening, skin cancer screening and diabetes test, etc.

Women's health changes with her age. So the necessity to maintain a good health also changes, but the basic health needs remain the same. Hence, by following the above mentioned simple health tips, you can improve the quality of your life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Secret Natural Treatment of 3 World Celebrities

Even though luxurious life of the famous celebrity, but some of the world's top celebrity keep doing natural treatments that made ​​themselves at home. Want to know the secrets of celebrity-style treatment is cheap? Summarized from BecomeGorgeous, here are three celebrities who still rely on natural ingredients that are available in the kitchen to keep their beauty.

Jennifer Aniston

To get a smooth skin and lips are not chapped, Jennifer Aniston has his own concoction. Brad Pitt's ex-wife was diligent rubbing his lips with a mixture of sugar and a little water. Jennifer did this ritual every day.


Lead singer of 'The Black Eyed Peas' that rely on toothpaste when skin breakouts. Fergie trick is indeed powerful enough to destroy acne. Toothpaste contains ingredients that can sterilize berbakteri areas and accelerate the healing process and deflation acne.

Beyonce Knowles

Singer of "Who Run The World" is a special trick to eliminate toxins and blackheads on his face. Beyonce diligent face evaporation. You do this by using hot water that has been diwadahkan in the basin, then leaned close to the basin. Cover the head with a towel, so that the steam directly concentrated to the face.

Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Flirting Techniques to Get Your Favorite Men

Want to captivate your ideal man? No need to do things difficult and complicated. Tendency of women is, they think too much about what needs to be done in order to look attractive in the eyes of men.

Conversely, in the approach or the 'art of seduction', men prefer something simple and not excessive. In short, just like women, they love seduction is smooth and not too visible. These five techniques to seduce him like a man, as quoted from Your Tango. Even if your seduction are less successful, at least he was comfortable and enjoy being with you.

1. Greet Over First

No need excessive flattery, such as giving seductive gaze or touching his chest. You'll be branded a slut. As a first step, simply greeted him first to say, "Hi" or "Hello". Generally, men like women who are willing to take the first step. Go up to any guy that you like, greeted him, then let him take over from there. Men generally will not hesitate to reply to your greeting and who knows, from greeting greeted each other could lead to a more intense conversation and interesting.

2. Do not Make Him Bullied by your intelligence

You may be a smart woman, smart and critical of things. It will indeed add value to your plus in front of men, but not at the stage of seducing or introductions. No need to attract and tall handsome man that you seek with your cleverness (save for a first date), as it will only make it inadequate even intimidated. Bring out your hand in a humorous, relaxed, friendly and fun; four attitude that makes him happy close to her.

3. Listening When Men Speak

After you greet and mingle, get up a conversation and see what he says. To remember, to listen means different than just listening. A number of men usually know when a woman really hear him, and when he was only acting mendnegar. Notice what he said and occasionally respond to what he said. Keep what you point out it's something interesting. Men like women who are actively engaged in conversations and four eyes are open.

4. Discuss His body Excellence

Male ego is very high, they love to be complimented, especially about the physical and expertise. Why not use their egos to get his heart? You can ask things like, "You used what sport? Agency you okay" or "You always look fit, diligent gym huh?"

Maybe they did not exercise regularly, or his body is not seatletis athletes. But by praising their appearance or physical form, he'll know if you've noticed that far. And his efforts to form a body to look good in front of women - though not routine - finally succeeded. After that, just wait for a reply from him praise.

5. A little touch of

You are allowed to touch the man while wooing or acquaintance. But do not be too aggressive with holding hands, touching your chest or put your hand on his arm. Remember, women are too 'open' will make him lose interest.

Give small and light touch on the arm, thigh or back. Or, could pinch her shoulder with a finger when he joked or doing something funny. These movements is enough to tell him that you are interested in her.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

4 Dress for Stylish Like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the world's latest fashion icon. Any outfit that she wore must always be media attention and was followed by many lovers of fashion. Women born January 9, 1982 It has a classy style and feminine fashion. He was often seen wearing overalls cut wrap or shift dress. If you are interested in making Kate Middleton as an inspiration for fashion, begin buying canals simple yet elegant. The following four canal which could be your reference.

1. Diane von Furstenberg green overalls

Kate Middleton wore emerald green overalls work of American designer, Diane von Furstenberg arrived in Los Angeles now. Made of woven silk, this canal is equipped with a ribbon at the waist that help define curves. The canal is named 'Maja Dress' is, sold for U.S. $ 398.

2. Canal gray Catherine Walker

When attending a tree planting ceremony in Canada, wife of Prince William was seen wearing gray overalls belonging Princess Diana's favorite designers, Catherine Walker. To get the look a la Kate Middleton with a more affordable price, gray overalls from Dorothy Perkins can be selected. Piece dress that followed the curves are so precise if worn for a professional look into office. The canal is named 'Grey Pleat Shift DREs' was sold by Dorothy Perkins with prices around U.S. $ 50.

3. Catherine Walker red overalls

At the end of his tour to Canada, again Kate wore overalls from Catherine Walker. This time he chose the red overalls with pleated detail at the waist. To honor the host Kanda, he had a maple leaf-shaped brooch pinned on his chest. If you want to look like Kate, high street brand, Zara offers overalls similar to those worn Kate. With a price around U.S. $ 100, red overalls with the sleeves 3 / 4 and pleated detail at the waist, can make you look elegant like Kate Middleton.

4. Canal Issa black bird motif

Kate was wearing black overalls twice a bird motif designer favorite, Issa. The first canal was he was wearing before her marriage with Prince William, and the second at the time of attending the 'Youth Reception' in a series of tour in Canada. Duchess of Cambridge is matching overalls espadrlle Issa with black shoes. If interested in the canal, Dorothy Perkins has a canal 'Black Bird Print Dress' is not much different from Kate's canal Issa. It's just much more affordable price of approximately U.S. $ 60. You can get this channel at Dorothy Perkins outlets or via the official website at

It's Jennifer Lopez Beauty Secrets

Singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez this year at the age of 40 years. But the former wife of Marc Antony's still one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. Not just sexy, J-Lo is also known to have beautiful skin and youthful. What is the beauty secret that American Idol judges?

First, J-Lo believes to be key in moisturizing skin care. Reported OurVanity, singer of 'On The Floor' is to apply moisturizer on her face and body several times a day, including morning, evening and every time the shower.

Another secret is, J-Lo has never underestimate sleep time. Enough sleep, the movie stars 'Maid in Manhattan' had an important role in maintaining the skin's beauty.

Every day, a woman born July 24, 1969 was always trying to sleep no less than eight hours. For J-Lo, sleep is a moisturizer as well as cleansing the skin to stay healthy and glowing.

Perfume brand owners 'J. Lo' is also used cosmetics containing placental protein, which serves to make the skin stay young. The mother of twins were not the only actress who use treatments placenta. Eva Longoria's another example of Hollywood actress who likes to cosmetic products containing placenta protein.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 Massage Tricks to Boost Your Partner's Sexual Desire

4 Massage Tricks to Boost Your Partner's Sexual Desire
Gentle massage can warm your relationship and your partner. In addition, the massage is done with full attention and love, could be an alternative for the activities of foreplay. Massage with scented oils, will make a person relaxed and comfortable, so he's more excited about making out with you. But, of course still many who know how to do sensual massage is right.

Excerpted from the Intimate Medicine, the following steps to add pleasure to massage you and your husband make love.

1. What You Need to Start a Sensual Massage?

Ask him to lie down with relaxing and not doing anything. Your task is to 'play' body with your fingers, like a pianist who plays the melody. Stimulation of the fingers on the body can make a tickling sensation and increases sexual arousal. Prepare aromatherapy oils for the body, or baby oil that contains aloe vera and chamomile. Do not forget to turn the music to create an aura of sensual exotic in your room.

2. How Giving Sensual Massage on a Pair?

Your husband should lie in bed, while you sit on his thigh. Rub the oil into the hands, and give a gentle massage from the chest of her. Move the massage of the chest to the neck, then his shoulders. Movement stroking, pressing and squeezing is a fundamental movement in a sensual massage. Combine all three and adjust to the middle area you massage. Perform this movement repeatedly, will make him feel very relaxed and comfortable before having sex.

3. Part Anywhere To Look For When Massaging?

After the chest, neck and shoulder massage on his stomach area. Move your hand from the neck to the abdomen. Then end your movement below his navel. Then pause briefly, make him wait for the next massage from your massage session that is more challenging.

From below the navel, move again to the upper body massage; neck and chest, and give little stimulation to the nipple area. Then navigate back to massage your abdomen, lower navel, thighs and the area close to Mr. Happy. Give her sexual stimulation gradually, will make it curious and want more of 'steps' from your next sensual.

4. Massage with Feelings

One of the most important thing when doing massage as foreplay, is, do not forget to get into the feeling. Show how much you love him through gentle massage and the occasional massage, hugging and kissing her. After that, just wait for her turn to satisfy you.

This Beautiful Skin Secrets of Kate Middleton

This Beautiful Skin Secrets of Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton has been regarded as an icon of fashion and beauty world. In addition to admiring her beautiful face, many people who praised her soft skin.

Shift dress and knee-length skirt is a fashion most often used by the wife of Prince William's. Using the many types of clothing to expose her legs.

Many people are curious about the secrets of beautiful legs of The Duchess of Cambridge. As reported by the Real Style Network, a source close to Kate said the secret of her smooth legs born January 9, 1982 it is a product called 'Dry Leg Nip Fix + Fab'.

These moisturizers can immediately moisturize dry feet and increase water retention levels in the skin. Contains shea butter and glycerin that make your feet hydrated and soft feet made ​​in all weather.

Not only is Kate Middleton who uses the moisturizing cream. Beauty Product Review Site report, Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston also use the 'Fab Dry Leg NIP + Fix' regularly.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Consume Fruits Jackfruit Can Prevent Heart Disease

Consume Fruits Jackfruit Can Prevent Heart Disease
Exotic fruit that is indeed unique, in terms of taste, appearance, or texture. Many ways to enjoy the fruits of jackfruit. Can be eaten raw, made ice mix, curry or processed into pickles, chips, even the seeds are also often used as a tasty snack.

Behind the deliciousness, it turns out jackfruit has a variety of health benefits. As quoted by the Times of India, here are some of the properties of jackfruit.

  1. Jackfruit is a source of vitamin C and anti-oxidant that can enhance the immune system.
  2. Rich in potassium which helps regulate blood pressure, and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Potassium is also useful to regulate electrolyte levels in the body.
  3. Helps digestion and constipation (constipation) because they contain high fiber.
  4. Contain saponins, isoflavones, and lignans that help ward off cancer-causing free radicals. Three of these substances can also slow the deterioration of cells in the body.
  5. Contain anti-oxidants and vitamin A which helps maintain healthy skin and eyes.
  6. Natural sugars such as sucrose and fructose contained in jackfruit, a good energy source and easy to digest the body.
  7. Contains many minerals like manganese, iron, vitamin B6, niacin, folic acid, and so on. Minerals are needed in small amounts to optimize the functions of organs.
  8. Hobbies eating jackfruit? Do not remove seeds. In addition to delicious, highly nutritious and jackfruit seeds are a source of protein. Boiled jackfruit seeds for 30 minutes, and make a nutritious snack.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strange, There Are Cosmetic Products for Dead Body

Strange, There Are Cosmetic Products for Dead Body
There is a little creepy collaboration in the beauty industry. Illamasqua, a British cosmetics company in collaboration with the funeral home in London, Leverton & Sons created the product make-up corpse named 'Afterlife'. Illamasqua is a brand of cosmetics that is often used for theatrical makeup and gothic. Quoted from the blog Fashionista Illamasqua, it wants to create a different makeup for corpses.
Illamasqua want to make a person able to express themselves and embrace their alter ego in everything. Why be different when he died? Because this moment is a celebration of life, and should be given a glamorous offerings for the last time.
The ritual of 'celebration' of death has been a human culture for thousands of years. Something that the best he had taken to come hereafter. So even with the appearance, giving the best makeup for someone who has died is to be performed by the family as a form of memorial.

Not just selling products, Illamasqua also provides services to make up the bodies. Make-up applied by a professional make-up artist. Make-up service is only available in London and valued at U.S. $ 700 or about USD 6 millions.

Eat Cheese Every Day Can Trigger Cancer!

Eat Cheese Every Day Can Trigger Cancer!
Are you cheese lovers? But avoid eating cheese every day in order to avoid the risk of bladder cancer. According to a recent study, eat cheese every day can increase a person's risk of bladder cancer. as quoted by the Daily Mail. Someone who eats more than 53 grams is equivalent to a piece of cheese or chocolate, increases the risk of the disease as much as 50%.

The study involved 200 patients with bladder cancer. A diet of hundreds of respondents were then compared with the 386 respondents who did not have the disease.

Research conducted Dutch and Belgian scientists wanted to find out if indeed saturated fat contained in meat and dairy products, like cheese, can cause a person more at risk of developing cancer than the more healthy fats. Foods with more healthy fats such as olive oil it.

Their results show that eating cheese really is not too risky, unless someone is eating cheese is as much as 53 grams a day. Just need to research more about it for a more optimal.

"We found zaitung oil lowers a person's risk of developing cancer, while consumption of cheese in large amounts increases the risk," explains the researcher. The research was published in European Journal of Cancer.

For your information, every 30 grams of cheese contains 4-7 grams of saturated fat. Imagine if you eat them every day, how much saturated fat into the body?

Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

7 Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women
Maintaining a healthy heart from an early age is very important. Because heart attacks (coronary heart) is now not only attack old age but also young people. A heart attack is not coming suddenly before the attack because it appeared already there are signs that conveyed the body.

Early signs of heart attack is not too hard to know. However, you must understand that the symptoms of a heart attack in women is not always the same with men. Reporting from medsavailable, the following five initial symptoms of heart attack in women.

1. Upper body does not feel comfortable

Logically, a heart attack will strike and give effect to the left side of the body, especially the left arm. But one sign of a heart attack is pain and discomfort in the left arm or both arms. Pain and discomfort was also felt in the jaw, neck, back and abdomen.

2. Difficulty breathing

If you often feel shortness of breath during sleep even sit down, maybe there is something wrong. Shortness of breath is accompanied by sweating and dizziness usually a sign of heart attack. Be careful, because these symptoms can cause fainting.

3. Often feel faint for no reason

Feeling weak and tired is normal if you are experiencing stress at work. But if you feel weak and tired more than usual, you may be experiencing a heart attack. Before and during the attack, your heart will stop pumping properly, resulting in oxygen and glucose spread throughout the body. The result, you will feel very weak.

4. Nausea and vomiting

As a result of your body in a state of 'emergency' during a heart attack, the nerves that control body functions are working too hard. This will make your sweats, pallor, dizziness, nausea and often vomiting. Experts do not know the exact reason behind this situation, but if you often experience this, it's good to see a doctor immediately.

5. Often feel anxious

Anxiety is normal, but anxiety can also be an early sign of heart attack. There is a relationship between anxiety and panic with heart attacks, so you should be careful when diagnosing this. If you panic accompanied by shortness of breath, dizziness and sweating, you may be having a heart attack.

6. Difficulty sleeping

Experts say that the disorder sleeplessness is a symptom of heart attack are experienced by many women. Obtruktif When experiencing sleep disturbances, upper respiratory tract is blocked as a result of respiratory impaired that heart attacks are more likely to occur. According to the study, women who suffer from heart disease through this a month before a heart attack. So if you often wake up at night, sweating and unable to regulate the breath, see your doctor immediately.

7. Indigestion

In one study known to women twice as likely to experience vomiting, nausea and indigestion for a few months before the heart attack than men. This condition occurs due to blockage of fat in the arteries reduces the blood supply to the heart that normally occur in the chest can sometimes arise in the stomach. It depends on which part of the heart is broken, so he sends pain signals in the lower body from the chest.

Some ways you can do to prevent heart attacks such as keeping cholesterol, blood fat levels, keep blood pressure in order to control, stop smoking, avoid fatty foods, living on fruit and vegetable consumption, exercise regularly, lose weight and reduce stress.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chips, Food Ruin a Diet

Chips, Food Ruin a Diet
Likes to snack potato chips? Should immediately stop the habit if you do not want more weight shot up. Based on the results of research from Harvard, potato chips, french fries, and almost all processed potato products are the foods 'contribution' greatest impact on weight gain.

For 20 years, scientists have conducted a study of more than 100,000 men and women. The study found that the respondents gained weight about 1.52 kg every 4 years. So, if added together, the average person gained weight up to 7.71 kg over 20 years.

The reason? After further investigation, it appeared that some certain foods can trigger weight gain significantly. The result, potato chips are the worst foods for weight loss programs, accounted for up to 0.77 kg. In the second place, still occupied by other processed foods are potato fries.

Dr. Dariush Mozzafarian, professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health explains, fries increased production of glucose and insulin in the blood. This causes the desire to eat increases and trigger the people want to eat larger portions at your next meal. So calories diasup any more than necessary.

In addition to potatoes, there are some foods that become 'actors' high weight gain. Drinks containing sugar accounted for about 0.45 kg (per 4 years), while alcohol 0.19 kg and 0.43 kg of meat around.

Our findings conclude, changes in lifestyle and diet are very large slightest effect on the body. Be it good or bad effects," said Dr. Dariush, as quoted by the Huffington Post.

Dr. Dariush suggested to reduce the consumption of refined foods, foods that have gone through various stages of processing. For example, frozen potatoes, white bread, processed meats, sweets, sodas, crackers / biscuits and breakfast cereals low in fiber.

Increase consumption of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts. According to the study, these foods can help weight loss programs. For example, one serving of vegetables can reduce weight as much as 0.1 kg. Adding whole grains in the daily diet, weight loss can be reduced by 0.17 kg and fruits almost 0.5 kg. Nuts and yogurt, helps in weight 0.8 kg respectively. If added together, in four years you could lose 2.37 kg. Yet coupled with exercise and diet are recommended.

Food mentioned above does have calories and fat, but in small amounts. In addition, high fiber, thus giving faster satiety and hunger for longer. Eat regularly, will help accelerate weight loss.

Easy Ways to Make Over Appearance

Easy Ways to Make Over Appearance
Women do have a tendency get bored quickly, especially if the appearance problem. You get bored with the current appearance? If you want a new look but do not want drastic changes, consider the following tips.

With the appearance of it-that alone can make other people look tired, even you yourself felt no longer seemed special. As reported by the Sheknows, try some of these ways to get a new look with ease.

White eyeshadow under the eyebrow

Apply white eyeshadow on your brow bone. In addition to refreshing appearance, white eyeshadow as if it can open your eyes.

Use false eyelashes

With a little practice you can apply false eyelashes perfectly. False eyelashes can make you look sexier. Nothing wrong with using false eyelashes at the office or to the mall. The following tips in putting up false eyelashes.

Replace perfume

If you are even two years since a year does not change the scent of perfume, then start looking for a different fragrance. Different scent makes you like being born again.

Change your hairstyle every day

In order not to saturate, switch-change hair style every day. Straightened, curly, ponytail or half ponytail hairstyle can be an alternative.


Using fedora can instantly change your appearance. Trendy and chic immediate impression you get through the cap.

Use corsets and push up bra

In order to measure the body look smaller of two numbers and size of two numbers is greater use of open bust bodice (corset that is used just below the breast). To increase breast size, matching with a push-up bra.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Diet Tips: Foods That Are Safe to Eat at Night

Diet Foods
Hold hunger at night for fear of fat, is the wrong dietary habits. In fact, you can still eat dinner as late as anything but still able to maintain weight, even helping you burn fat. As quoted from Become gorgeous, here's four safe food you consume before bed.

  1. Whole Wheat Cereal and Milk

    Whole grain cereals and milk can give your body enough nutrients during your sleep, without adding weight and make the body fat. Cereal supply of wheat fiber and carbohydrates to the body, while the milk provides calcium and protein needs. Only, choose cereals that contain no added sugar and skim milk or low-fat milk.
  2. Tuna Fish

    Fish this one contains an amino acid that adds high-energy and increase good cholesterol in the body. A piece of broiled tuna, grilled tuna or a bowl of soup is enough to drive all night hunger without adding unnecessary calories donations.
  3. Tofu with Wheat Bread

    You do not need to starve overnight just because you want to reduce excess weight. Eating healthy nutritious foods, such as the combination tofu and wheat bread. Matching two of these foods will keep the muscle mass remained stable and 'tame' a wild desire to eat you at night. Vegetable proteins contained in the tofu will also help burn fat with a simple way.
  4. Oatmeal Porridge

    Carbohydrate they contain helps increase levels of tryptophan in the blood. Besides eating oatmeal is a good fiber for digestion. Mix oatmeal with skim milk or hot water, add some raisins or dried fruit to taste.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

4 Favorite Foods That Can Aggravate Acne

Acne arising on the face often makes women upset. How not, acne on the face is very influential on a person's appearance and self-confidence. Acne is caused not only due to the dirty face of course. As reported by Type F, hormones, use of cosmetics and bacteria also cause acne. Do not stop there, the food was also a source of acne.

For that, it is advisable to stay away from these four foods skin free from acne. Reporting from HubPages, the following foods trigger acne.


Eating lots of fat can have an effect on acne. Fat on the body is the cause of the problem of blood sugar. When blood sugar fluctuated, it causes an increase cascading hormonal reactions, which can increase the production of sebum (skin oil) and closes the pores, which become the main cause of acne.

Moreover, fat has other bad effects. Too much fat in the bloodstream making the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells is slow. In effect, the cell can not be oxygen and nutrients it needs. These circumstances that aggravate acne conditions.

Dairy Products (Dairy Products)

Dairy products are foods that contain milk, such as canned milk, yogurt, cheese, chocolate and ice cream. If your acne, eating these foods can aggravate the condition.

Most dairy products containing high fat. As described above, fat can trigger acne. Another reason, milk is produced from pregnant cows. Pregnant cows contains more hormones. Unfortunately your skin glands contains an enzyme that converts the hormone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT triggers increased production of sebum in the skin glands. So the hormones in milk are not directly increase the production of sebum, which of course leads to acne.


Especially sugar, which triggers acne. Sugar quickly into the bloodstream and increases the blood sugar that makes the production of fat increases. As mentioned above, fat can aggravate acne conditions.


The main sources of caffeine are coffee, tea (black and green), chocolate, soda, energy drinks and painkillers (pain killer). Caffeine causes two major problems. First increase the adrenal glands to release stress hormones, which can increase stress levels. Too much stress does not necessarily affect either the health workers and the skin.

The second reason, caffeine disturb your sleep. Even if you can sleep, caffeine does not make you sleep soundly. Sleep is very important to improve the physical condition and detoxification (the release of toxins). If toxins are not released and the condition of the body is not 'improved', then health will decline and acne can get worse.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tips for Choosing Hair Style For Fat Women

Hair style can indeed make changes to one's overall appearance, especially for women. Hair styles can affect the face look heavier, full, short, long, thin or narrow. Even the hair is said to affect one's sense of itself and create confidence.

For them, women who are big or little grease, hair could be something that is crucial for their overall appearance. It takes its own tricks to maximize order and style of peat for those who are big in order to remain able to look beautiful and fascinating.

There are several things to note for those who still look pretty big.

Hair length

Sometimes the hair is too long not to cause any impression on a person's overall look. Hair that is too long can also make a person look older than his age or be a distraction that is not good in appearance. The hair is straight into a strong identity, rather than remember you, but people only remember your hair. For the ladies 'plus size' long hair that matches usually about shoulder length or slightly shorter. Hair that falls over your shoulder to avoid the appearance of looking older.


Full hair (thick, but not excessive) can help balance the overall look. If you need help to add volume to your hair, there are several types of shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products developed specifically to strengthen the hair. Or at least help give the illusion of hair look fuller.
Curly haired women tend to have an abundance of texture. If your hair curls tightly, it helps to maintain your curly-curly hair is longer. This is because curly hair tends to curl or shrink and appear shorter than they really are. Conversely, if you loose curly or wavy hair cut your hair so as to maximize the appearance of wavy hair, for example with layers.


Applications bangs for their ladies 'plus size' can be practically bother-easy and tends to trap. Straight bangs across the forehead is not a recommended option for the woman who was 'plump' or round-faced. But if you want to keep the bangs without looking too fell into the eye, apply a thin bangs or bangs that asymmetries fall into one side. It would be better than the Beatles-style bangs.


Paint your hair is one of the fastest ways cheap enough to change the overall appearance. This exception does not apply to large woman. Make sure you choose the right color. In general a good choice of colors are colors that 1-2 levels darker or lighter than the original color of your hair. This will give the impression of a more natural and complement the look of your face and body as a whole.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dark Urine Color Signs Liver Disorders

Liver is one of the vital organs contained in the human body. On the organ, there was important processes, namely processes of energy storage, formation of protein and bile acids, cholesterol metabolism regulation, and neutralizing toxins / drugs that enter the body.

Damage to the liver would interfere with the function of one's body. One of the known liver damage is cholestasis. Cholestasis caused by liver failure and expenditure to produce bile. A person suffering from cholestasis have difficulty in absorbing fats and vitamins A, D, E, K in the intestines. In addition, cholestasis also cause a buildup of bile acids, bilirubin and cholesterol in the liver.

Impaired bile flow could occur along the path between the cells of the liver and duodenum. Although bile does not flow, but the liver continues to release bilirubin, the bile component of the color orange. Bilirubin is then deposited in the skin and discarded into the urine, the incident causing jaundice (jaundice).

For the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, the causes of cholestasis are divided into two groups. First, the interference that comes from the heart, such as hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, due to drugs and hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Then, interference from outside the heart, like a stone in the bile duct, bile duct stricture, bile duct cancer, pancreatic cancer and pancreatic inflammation. Symptoms of heart disorders can be seen from excessive bilirubin in the skin and urine that causes darker urine color. In addition, changes can be seen from the color of feces.

Due to the interruption of bile flow so that bilirubin does not flow to the intestines and cause pale stools. Feces may also contain a lot of too much fat, because there is no bile in the intestine to aid digestion of fat in the diet.

Reduced bile in the intestine, it also decreases the absorption of calcium and vitamin D.If cholestasis persists, calcium and vitamin D deficiency causes bone loss so that the patient felt pain in bone cholestasis can lead to fractures.

In addition, there is also interference absorption materials needed for blood clotting, so patients are prone to bleeding. Other symptoms depend on the cause of cholestasis, can include abdominal pain, loss of appetite, vomiting or fever.

Penggobatan cholestasis is most rational to improve the flow of bile into the intestine.medically improved bile flow to the provision of phenobarbital and kolestiramin, ursodioxy cholic acid (UDCA).

Outside the liver blockage can usually be treated with surgery. Meanwhile, if the blockage occurs in the liver can be treated with a variety of ways, depending on the cause. If the cause is a drug, the drug is stopped and if the cause was hepatitis, cholestasis and jaundice usually disappears in line with improving disease.

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