Monday, December 5, 2011

Eating Chocolate Makes Women Viewed Kindly by Men

Eating Chocolate Makes Women Viewed Kindly by Men
Eat ice cream, sweets, chocolates and so are believed to relieve stress and create a happy mood. Recently there are studies showing that there are more interesting facts from it.

Researchers from the University of North Dakota found that women in particular food tastes is directly related to how he is viewed by those around her, especially men. What does it mean?

Based on the results of the studies cited Genius Beauty, lover of sweet foods like candy and cake viewed as more friendly, cheerful and optimistic in the eyes of the opposite sex than people who prefer other foods. According to one study author Professor Brian Meier, every day people feel the bitter taste; sweet; acid; spicy or salty.

Brian explains further, the types of taste of food can affect mood and character of a person. During the research, respondents are welcome to choose foods they like. The researchers also observed deeper in the respondents who chose a bar of chocolate or crackers.

Once research is complete, found that respondents who chose a sweet tooth, more open in communicating, more friendly and willing to help others. While in the eyes of men, women who like sweet foods considered to be more caring, compassionate and could be a potential future wife.

Please note, this is a result of the initial research that can not be concluded whether the choice of a particular sense of something to do directly with the type of a person's character. Professor Brian and his team also could not confirm whether the woman can turn into a more friendly after eating sweet foods.

Furthermore, these studies also have not been able to show how the character of the respondents who chose foods with flavor other than sweet. The study was expected to continue to find out other facts that may arise.

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