Saturday, November 26, 2011

Active Sex Can Make a Happier Retirement

Facing retirement, many people are afraid of a psychic. However, if you have an active sex life, you need not worry. According to research, sex can make retirees feel happier. A study (quoted from the Telegraph) reveals that there is a direct relationship between the sex life after age 65 years with the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of life and marriage.

According to scientists, parents who engage in sexual activity more than once a month could describe their lives 'very happy'. When compared with those who do not do it in a year.

The same thing is concluded from a study conducted by the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in America, taken from the actress Jane Fonda. Jane's youthful appearance is thought to be related with a happy sex life.

73-year-old woman recounts in his autobiography, about the various counsel in the bedroom to the retirees. He was also admitted to having done testosterone hormone therapy to help him in maintaining sexual activity.

"This research will help open communication lines and sparked an interest to apply 'outside the box' in order to deal with issues that limit and prevent parents from participating in sexual activity. Highlighting sex and happiness will assist us in developing and managing specific sexual health interventions, "said Adrienne Jackson, leader of the study.

Research involving as many as 238 people marry with age above 25 years was found, that there were 60 per cent of couples having sex and judged that the retirement life they are in a 'very happy'. In contrast to 40 percent of retired couples who seldom engage in sex for a year.

These results were obtained after taking into account factors such as age, gender, health conditions and satisfaction regarding their financial situation. This research became the latest of a series of research reports linking sex with a happy retired life.

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