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4 Massage Tricks to Boost Your Partner's Sexual Desire

4 Massage Tricks to Boost Your Partner's Sexual Desire
Gentle massage can warm your relationship and your partner. In addition, the massage is done with full attention and love, could be an alternative for the activities of foreplay. Massage with scented oils, will make a person relaxed and comfortable, so he's more excited about making out with you. But, of course still many who know how to do sensual massage is right.

Excerpted from the Intimate Medicine, the following steps to add pleasure to massage you and your husband make love.

1. What You Need to Start a Sensual Massage?

Ask him to lie down with relaxing and not doing anything. Your task is to 'play' body with your fingers, like a pianist who plays the melody. Stimulation of the fingers on the body can make a tickling sensation and increases sexual arousal. Prepare aromatherapy oils for the body, or baby oil that contains aloe vera and chamomile. Do not forget to turn the music to create an aura of sensual exotic in your room.

2. How Giving Sensual Massage on a Pair?

Your husband should lie in bed, while you sit on his thigh. Rub the oil into the hands, and give a gentle massage from the chest of her. Move the massage of the chest to the neck, then his shoulders. Movement stroking, pressing and squeezing is a fundamental movement in a sensual massage. Combine all three and adjust to the middle area you massage. Perform this movement repeatedly, will make him feel very relaxed and comfortable before having sex.

3. Part Anywhere To Look For When Massaging?

After the chest, neck and shoulder massage on his stomach area. Move your hand from the neck to the abdomen. Then end your movement below his navel. Then pause briefly, make him wait for the next massage from your massage session that is more challenging.

From below the navel, move again to the upper body massage; neck and chest, and give little stimulation to the nipple area. Then navigate back to massage your abdomen, lower navel, thighs and the area close to Mr. Happy. Give her sexual stimulation gradually, will make it curious and want more of 'steps' from your next sensual.

4. Massage with Feelings

One of the most important thing when doing massage as foreplay, is, do not forget to get into the feeling. Show how much you love him through gentle massage and the occasional massage, hugging and kissing her. After that, just wait for her turn to satisfy you.

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