Sunday, July 24, 2011

4 Dress for Stylish Like Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the world's latest fashion icon. Any outfit that she wore must always be media attention and was followed by many lovers of fashion. Women born January 9, 1982 It has a classy style and feminine fashion. He was often seen wearing overalls cut wrap or shift dress. If you are interested in making Kate Middleton as an inspiration for fashion, begin buying canals simple yet elegant. The following four canal which could be your reference.

1. Diane von Furstenberg green overalls

Kate Middleton wore emerald green overalls work of American designer, Diane von Furstenberg arrived in Los Angeles now. Made of woven silk, this canal is equipped with a ribbon at the waist that help define curves. The canal is named 'Maja Dress' is, sold for U.S. $ 398.

2. Canal gray Catherine Walker

When attending a tree planting ceremony in Canada, wife of Prince William was seen wearing gray overalls belonging Princess Diana's favorite designers, Catherine Walker. To get the look a la Kate Middleton with a more affordable price, gray overalls from Dorothy Perkins can be selected. Piece dress that followed the curves are so precise if worn for a professional look into office. The canal is named 'Grey Pleat Shift DREs' was sold by Dorothy Perkins with prices around U.S. $ 50.

3. Catherine Walker red overalls

At the end of his tour to Canada, again Kate wore overalls from Catherine Walker. This time he chose the red overalls with pleated detail at the waist. To honor the host Kanda, he had a maple leaf-shaped brooch pinned on his chest. If you want to look like Kate, high street brand, Zara offers overalls similar to those worn Kate. With a price around U.S. $ 100, red overalls with the sleeves 3 / 4 and pleated detail at the waist, can make you look elegant like Kate Middleton.

4. Canal Issa black bird motif

Kate was wearing black overalls twice a bird motif designer favorite, Issa. The first canal was he was wearing before her marriage with Prince William, and the second at the time of attending the 'Youth Reception' in a series of tour in Canada. Duchess of Cambridge is matching overalls espadrlle Issa with black shoes. If interested in the canal, Dorothy Perkins has a canal 'Black Bird Print Dress' is not much different from Kate's canal Issa. It's just much more affordable price of approximately U.S. $ 60. You can get this channel at Dorothy Perkins outlets or via the official website at

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