Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Flirting Techniques to Get Your Favorite Men

Want to captivate your ideal man? No need to do things difficult and complicated. Tendency of women is, they think too much about what needs to be done in order to look attractive in the eyes of men.

Conversely, in the approach or the 'art of seduction', men prefer something simple and not excessive. In short, just like women, they love seduction is smooth and not too visible. These five techniques to seduce him like a man, as quoted from Your Tango. Even if your seduction are less successful, at least he was comfortable and enjoy being with you.

1. Greet Over First

No need excessive flattery, such as giving seductive gaze or touching his chest. You'll be branded a slut. As a first step, simply greeted him first to say, "Hi" or "Hello". Generally, men like women who are willing to take the first step. Go up to any guy that you like, greeted him, then let him take over from there. Men generally will not hesitate to reply to your greeting and who knows, from greeting greeted each other could lead to a more intense conversation and interesting.

2. Do not Make Him Bullied by your intelligence

You may be a smart woman, smart and critical of things. It will indeed add value to your plus in front of men, but not at the stage of seducing or introductions. No need to attract and tall handsome man that you seek with your cleverness (save for a first date), as it will only make it inadequate even intimidated. Bring out your hand in a humorous, relaxed, friendly and fun; four attitude that makes him happy close to her.

3. Listening When Men Speak

After you greet and mingle, get up a conversation and see what he says. To remember, to listen means different than just listening. A number of men usually know when a woman really hear him, and when he was only acting mendnegar. Notice what he said and occasionally respond to what he said. Keep what you point out it's something interesting. Men like women who are actively engaged in conversations and four eyes are open.

4. Discuss His body Excellence

Male ego is very high, they love to be complimented, especially about the physical and expertise. Why not use their egos to get his heart? You can ask things like, "You used what sport? Agency you okay" or "You always look fit, diligent gym huh?"

Maybe they did not exercise regularly, or his body is not seatletis athletes. But by praising their appearance or physical form, he'll know if you've noticed that far. And his efforts to form a body to look good in front of women - though not routine - finally succeeded. After that, just wait for a reply from him praise.

5. A little touch of

You are allowed to touch the man while wooing or acquaintance. But do not be too aggressive with holding hands, touching your chest or put your hand on his arm. Remember, women are too 'open' will make him lose interest.

Give small and light touch on the arm, thigh or back. Or, could pinch her shoulder with a finger when he joked or doing something funny. These movements is enough to tell him that you are interested in her.

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