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11 Ways Right Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Previously we discussed about 4 symptoms of breast cancer should caution. Breast cancer cases in fact strongly influenced by environment, lifestyle and choice of contraceptives. The existence of the chemicals found in food, beverages, air, drugs are consumed and some products can affect the development and performance of breast cells every day, thus increasing the risk of breast cancer. How can I reduce the risk of breast cancer? let us consider the following tips.
  1. Reduce the use of enhancing drugs such as hormones, intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) and artificial lubricants for a dry vagina.
  2. Having a healthy weight and keep it from excessive or less, thus reducing one risk factor for breast cancer.
  3. Exercise regularly at least 3-4 hours in one week, but if it can add hours of exercise would be much better.
  4. Avoiding alcohol, according to a 2007 study known to the incidence of breast cancer increases if you consume alcohol.
  5. Stop smoking and avoid exposure to smoke and places that have exposure to cigarette smoke.
  6. Exposed to a little sunshine to get vitamin D. Ask your doctor, how many doses are appropriate. Usually the city does not have sufficient vitamin D dose. Besides getting used to running outside ruanga, taking supplements of vitamin D3, fish oils and dairy products are good alternatives.
  7. Reconsider your diet. Have a healthy diet by reducing the fried foods, fast food or packaged ready to use. Perbanyaklah and eating fruits and vegetables that have been washed first.
  8. Avoid cooking or heating food in plastic containers or PANDI that can cause harmful chemicals can be exposed to hot air. Consider the material of stainless steel, ceramic or metal for cooking, serving food and save the.
  9. Consume water that has been thoroughly cooked and through filtering.
  10. Have enough sleep patterns and quality every day. Enough sleep can improve and maintain your immune system tubuhmembantu.
  11. Always select a safe household products, such as avoiding the use of pesticides and other products known to contain harmful chemicals.

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4 Symptoms of Breast Cancer Should Caution

Breast cancer is one of the most feared diseases of women because it can cause death if diagnosed late. Therefore, it helps you recognize early symptoms of breast cancer. Here are five common symptoms of breast cancer that is often unconscious.
  1. Taste Itching, Pain and Expressing Breast
    A rash on the skin or burning sensation when touching the breasts are signs of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rare and deadly disease, but not too well known. IBC's can cause breast swelling, irritation and pain onset. In addition IBC also cause redness and even purple like a bruise. IBC initially accompanied by a feeling sore as when pre-menstrual (PMS) as affected by allergies and itching. But the second flavor does not disappear in the near future.
  2. The existence of Changes in Breast Nipples
    One of the locations of the most common breast cancer is under the nipple. Therefore, if your nipples change shape or color it's worth it immediately went to the doctor. Besides shape and color, nipple bleeding, watery or scaly skin around the nipple become, can be some symptoms of breast cancer.
  3. Changing Shape and Size One Breast
    Not all lumps are cancer causing considerable. A woman in California to know that he was suffering from breast cancer after seeing that the shape of one of her breasts became more oval, and somewhat lower sticking to one side.
  4. Upper Back Pain
    Although not many, but there are some cases of breast cancer that begins with symptoms of back pain. Usually the pain is located on the upper back area or between the shoulder blades. Backache is almost the same as muscle pain, tendon or osteoarthritis of the spine, so it is quite difficult to distinguish. This occurs due to cancer that drives the chest wall toward the rib cage and spine.
One of the best way to find changes in your breasts is to recognize the shape and appearance as well. Sit facing a mirror and notice the difference. You can also find out if one feels very tight bra cup while others do not.

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Be careful! Depression Due to Trying to be Perfect Mother

When being a working mom, you will bend over backwards to do everything well.But according to a recent study, women who try to be perfect mothers are at risk of depression. Research presented at a regular meeting of the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas found that the work turned out to have benefits for both maternal mental health. Among working mothers, those with minor depression risk is not trying to be supermom. Mothers who are not depressed is not really trying hard to balance work with family life.

"Women who seek to be ideal actually increase symptoms of depression than women who are more skeptical about balancing work and family," explains one researcher Katrina Leupp, a graduate of the University of Washington, as quoted by LiveScience.
Research conducted Leupp and his friends involving 1600 women were married. The study is called 'National Longitudinal Survey of Youth' and starts since 1987.

In that study, women were asked to answer questions to gauge their support for working women. They were also asked whether or not to agree with the statement: "Women are happier if I were a housewife and take care of the child".

In 1992 and 1994, the respondent who was then already 40 years old answered questions about symptoms of depression they experienced. Just like previous research, the survey shows, working mother, having fewer depressive symptoms than housewives. That may be because working mothers have more opportunities to interact, more diverse activities and have income.

"Ironically, women who are not trying to balance work and family have better mental health than those who try to be perfect," said Leupp.

Leupp argues that working women trying to be perfect is likely to be felt in conflict with the work environment. Work environment does not support a balance between work and family.

"When they can’t balance everything perfectly, supermom becomes more frustrated and guilty," said Leupp.

From this research, Leupp hope our working mothers may feel more optimistic in carrying out his days between a parent and worker. Working mothers should not blame themselves if something is wrong in carrying out his days.

"Be aware if they have trouble, it's because it's difficult," he concluded.

Women Are More Prone to Depression

Perfection of a woman is when she becomes a mother, but at the moment happy cuddling her baby, she is likely suffering afflicted with a type of depression known as baby blues. In order not to feel a depression, do not actually need to learn a strange moment, simply by leading a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep. Actually, there are four phases of life of depressed women who are vulnerable, namely: the phase before and after menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. If at any time experience symptoms of depression, should not be embarrassed to consult with a psychiatrist. Here are the main symptoms of depression experienced by women at four phases of life

The period before and after menstruation.
  • It's hard to concentrate. 
  • Feelings of instability.
  • Easy to anger.
  • Sad unwarranted.
  • Loss of vitality (moody)

  • Hate on her husband. 
  • Hate on her pregnancy.
  • Lazy treat the body and her pregnancy.
  • Pregnant excessive syndrome (vomiting and complaints are not Comfortable).
  • Weak, tired, and lethargic.
  • Has the idea of suicide (only in severe depression).

The period after childbirth
  • Appears behavioral abnormalities (postpartum psychosis),
  • Eg hallucinations.
  • Hate the baby (baby blues).
  • Lazy treating postpartum body

  • Loss of passion.
  • Chronic Fatigue.
  • Feeling useless anymore.
  • The face burned.
  • Disturbed sleep (insomnia).

Let's Walk and Feel the Benefits

Let's Walk and Feel the Benefits
Just imagine, just by lifting your buttocks off the couch in front of the tv or your office chair and walk around the house / office of your health and fitness has increased dramatically.

Here are some of the benefits of walking we can get:

Maintain Health Heart and Muscle

Walking can increase your heart rate, strengthens muscles and burn fat. Walking can train muscle strength and resilience of your body, and maintain strong bones and joints.

Walking Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes prevention program showed, by walking 150 minutes per week and reduce the 7% of your weight, will be able to reduce the risk of diabetes as much as 58%. Recent discoveries also suggest that we do not need to run a marathon, or start a diet program that makes you hungry to prevent diabetes, simply start walking and reduce the 7% of your weight. Easy enough right?

Keeping Blood Pressure

When you walk, your blood pressure decrease and cardiovascular function (blood metabolic system, heart and blood vessels) in your body increases. Recent studies also show that although you have been doing light exercise each week, it was not enough to lower blood pressure and improve your fitness. 30 minutes walk in 3 days during the week proved to be more effective against health and your blood pressure.

Maintaining Balance Weight

By walking, without realizing we can reap a positive impact on the balance weight. Walking every day will burn calories in the body. The farther you go, the more calories are burned in the body.

Slowing Aging Process

Walking can reduce stress levels and indirectly slow the aging process. Thus, stress management and relaxation will be more easy to do. Walking in the morning sun will help your skin to produce Vitamin D which is essential to your health. A study in the United States and Canada said that Vitamin D can reduce cancer risk and the risk of Osteoporosis. Walking regularly helps to form a strong leg, helping to make the waist look slim and helps you sleep better at night.

Runs Very Good For Brain Function

In an investigational study of a woman who walked regularly for 90 minutes per week had better cognitive function than women who regularly runs only 40 minutes per week.

Walking Reduces Risk of Breast and Colon Cancer

Women who regularly walk in the span of 75-150 minutes per week reduces the risk of breast cancer compared with women who rarely runs a regular basis. Many studies show that walking regularly can also prevent colon cancer. In certain cases, colon cancer patients who walked regularly the quality of life will increase.

Walking Helps Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Walk for 30 minutes in 3-4 days a week can reduce stress symptoms by 47%.

Walking Improve Fitness

Walk for 30 minutes during the week can improve your fitness Kardiorespiratori. Walking upright, staring straight ahead, and swing your arm. Air circulation in your body increases and your breathing is also increasing.

Apparently so many of the benefits of walking regularly.

But first, consult your health with your doctor or health expert before you start the program running on a regular basis. In order to obtain maximum results start with healthy eating.

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Simple Tips to Boost Women's Health

Women should make smarter health and lifestyle choices to stay healthy because modern day women are required to play many roles, both in professional and personal lives. Handling various responsibilities simultaneously is not easy. It requires the body and mind to be in a perfect condition.

Though the body processes of women are slightly complicated, a few simple and healthy changes in regular lifestyle can help them maintain proper health and stay away from health problems. Here are some healthy tips for women:

Women's health concerns are different from those of men

Physiologically, women's body differs greatly from men's body. Women's body is more sensitive than the men's body. Though many of the health problems in women and men are same, the way they affect women can be different. The risk factors experienced by both men and women are different for some diseases. For example, women are more prone to heart diseases and osteoporosis, while men are more prone to prostate cancer and developing stones in kidney. Hence, few health tips designed for men may not suit women.

Simple tips

All a woman needs to do is to take some time out of her busy schedule and follow few simple tips regularly to make her life healthy. Below are few of them.

Eat healthy

It is always necessary to have right diet in order to stay healthy. It is recommended for women to have plenty of natural food to get all necessary vitamins. Natural food includes fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals. Every day diet should contain right amounts of whole grains, high fiber foods, low fat dairy products, nuts, legumes, leaner cuts of fish, meat and poultry and raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber, celery, broccoli, etc.

In addition to the above list, you should also drink lots of water. You should avoid food which is high in sugar, salt, fat and calories, besides avoiding processed foods.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly will help you stay physically active, which may help in preventing many serious diseases like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, etc. Exercise is also found to improve life expectancy. At least 30 minutes of regular exercise should be done for five days a week. Regular exercise regime may include aerobic activities like, walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling and dancing. You can even do Yoga.

Manage stress

Women are found to suffer more from stress and depression, which may give rise to many serious health problems. Women should understand that mental health is very important for physical well-being. It just takes few minutes to relax and then you can actively get back to the normal daily routine. You can also manage stress by practicing few relaxation techniques like meditation or by doing physical exercise.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays an important role in improving one's health, especially women's health, as they handle various roles in their everyday life. A woman’s body should get at least seven to nine hours of good sleep to wake up refreshed. Sleep generates lot of positive energy which is very much essential for increasing productivity and overall sense of well-being. Good night's sleep is found to increase life expectancy too.

Stay away from drug abuse

Today, many of the women are getting into unhealthy habits like substance abuse. Women suffer more from the ill effects of drug abuse compared to men. Hence, some of the serious bad habits like drug abuse, smoking, alcohol consumption should be avoided at any cost to stay healthy.

Get regular check-ups

Taking time out for regular weekly or monthly check-ups shows your willingness to stay healthy. As already said, women are easily prone to health problems, they should go for regular check-ups to keep themselves well informed about their body's condition. Women should regularly go for tests such as, mammography, bone density test, blood pressure check, cholesterol screening, skin cancer screening and diabetes test, etc.

Women's health changes with her age. So the necessity to maintain a good health also changes, but the basic health needs remain the same. Hence, by following the above mentioned simple health tips, you can improve the quality of your life.

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