Monday, November 29, 2010

Beware of Symptoms of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a rare sleep disorder, characterized by recurrent attacks of irresistible sleep during the hours of work, paralysis and hallucinations. The cause is unknown, but these disorders tend to be found in one family, which allegedly is a hereditary disease.

Symptoms usually begin in adolescence or young adulthood and settled for life. Patients face the sudden attacks of irresistible sleepiness, which can occur at any time. Feel like sleeping only be detained for a while. But once asleep, the patient usually can be easily awakened.

The attacks can occur several times a day, and every attack usually lasts for 1 hour or less. The attacks are more common in a monotonous situation, such as a boring meeting or driving a car over long distances.

Patients feel the freshness when awake, but a few minutes then fall asleep again. Patients may experience temporary paralysis without a decrease in consciousness (a condition called katapleksi), in response to a sudden emotional reactions such as anger, fear, joy, laughter or surprise. Walking becomes limp, dropping goods being held or dropped to the ground.

Patients may also experience episodes of sleep paralysis, whereby when just falling asleep or immediately after waking, the patient felt unable to move. Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not really there) may occur at the beginning of sleep or when awake. Hallucinations resembles an ordinary dream, but more powerful.

Diagnosis is usually established on the basis of the symptoms, but similar symptoms do not necessarily indicate that the person is suffering from narcolepsy. Katapleksi, sleep paralysis and hallucinations, commonly found in children and sometimes occurs in healthy adults.

Electroencephalogram (EEG), which is the recording of brain electrical activity, could indicate that the pattern of REM sleep occurs when the patient started to fall asleep. This is typical for narcolepsy. Nothing found structural changes in the brain and not found abnormalities in the results of blood tests.

Stimulant drugs (stimulants), such as fedrin, amphetamines, dekstroamfetamin and metilfenidat, can help reduce narcolepsy. The dose is adjusted to avoid undesirable side effects, such as anxiety, overactive or weight loss. To reduce katapleksi, usually given antidepressants, namely imipramin.

Prevent Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a systemic infection caused by pathogenic bacteria especially Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi (S. typhi). Infections that are quite similar, but more or less severity is paratyphoid fever caused by S. paratyphi A, B, and sometimes C. S. typhi is a bacterial pathogen that has adapted well to humans about 50,000 years ago through a mechanism to survive in the host (host) extraordinary
Typhoid fever can be very severe, as seen from the report that 32% of deaths occurred in several regions of the world. Indonesia reported prevalence rate ranges from 1.6% and ranks 15 major causes of death. Until the twentieth century, the disease has spread throughout the world. Future cases of typhoid in developing countries will be much reduced because of improvements in sanitation and hygiene
In endemic areas, the highest incidence of typhoid fever occur in children aged 5 to 19 years, in some cases significantly typhoid causing pain between the ages of 1 to 5 years. In children aged younger than a year, the disease is usually more severe and associated with complications that commonly occur
Typhoid is usually transmitted through consumption of contaminated food or water and certain risk factors including drinking from contaminated water sources, drinks with ice, and fruits and vegetables grown using fertilizer from manure. Transmission connection with contaminated urine can also occur. Transmission from person to person are also possible. Pathogens can survive in water for days and months on frozen eggs and shellfish contaminated.
In general, symptoms of typhoid fever would occur after 7-14 days since the body is infected, but can also range from 3 till 60 days. Patients typically come to the hospital with complaints such as fever, flu symptoms, severe headache, malaise, anorexia, abdominal discomfort, dry cough, and sore muscles.
Gradually, the body temperature will continue to rise and settle at a high temperature in the second week, and even up to 4 weeks if not treated. Then the temperature will return to normal, though a sense of weakness and fatigue will continue to be felt until a few weeks later.
10% to 15% of patients who do not get treatment usually experience a variety of complications such as bleeding and perforation in the small intestine, as well as a few conditions of nerve disorders. Bleeding occurs in conditions of severe infection, and is characterized by lower body temperature rapidly and then rose again in the early occurrence of peritonitis, a dangerous condition in which inflammation occurs in the peritoneum (the thin membrane protects the walls of the abdominal cavity). Small bowel perforation occurs in 1-3% of patients hospitalized with a mortality rate of 40%. This complication usually affects the terminal ileum and need immediate surgery.
Recurrence occurs in 5-10% of cases, usually within a month after the fever was declared cured. Symptoms are generally milder than the previous infection and in cases where the molecular classification of S. typhi has been conducted, showed that relapse is generally caused by isolates of the same type of previous infection. Recurrent infections with isolates of different species can also occur.
The factors that most affect the poor condition of patients with typhoid fever is the delay in providing adequate antibiotic treatment and effective. It is important to ensure the eradication of S. typhi from patients to reduce the likelihood of recurrence or status as carriers of disease. In cases where severe abdominal swelling and vomiting or diarrhea patients should be continuously hospitalized and intravenously. In general, typhoid fever patients to undergo treatment at home with oral antibiotics and outpatient.
Contaminated food and water is known as a medium of transmission of typhoid fever. Currently, prevention of enteric fever is more focused on improving sanitation, water supply and ensure food security, identification and therapy (carrier) and chronic use of typhoid vaccines to reduce human vulnerability to infection
Vaccination is an additional weapon and not a substitute for avoiding the foods and beverages at risk because not 100% protective efficacy; further immunity can be defeated by the number of bacterial inoculum doses. There are two currently used vaccine, namely Ty21 vaccines given per oral and injectable vaccine Vi polysaccharide pure. Both are considered safe and well tolerated

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beware of Fat on Your Stomach

Being overweight is known to trigger the onset of various diseases in the body. There is excess fat around the stomach triggers the production of immune cells 'pro-inflammatory' which increase inflammation in the body.

Therefore if someone managed to lose weight, fat in the stomach is reduced so that produce immune cells' pro-inflammatory and immune declines will also increase.

The immune system consists of various kinds of cells that can protect the body against bacteria, viruses and other germs. These cells must coexist in a certain balance for one's health can be maintained properly.

But many factors that could affect the ability of this immune system such as excess body fat. If this happens, the body will create a type of immune cell that can harm rather than protect the body.

Scientists have known that excess body fat, particularly abdominal fat can trigger the production of immune cells 'pro-inflammatory' that circulates in the blood and increasing inflammation in the body.

One example of chronic inflammation has been associated with coronary artery disease and other health problems. In addition, immune cells that cause inflammation known as macrophages are also active in fatty tissue.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cholesterol is Not Only Seen Through The Physical Body

Cholesterol is Not Only Seen Through The Physical Body
Most people think that obese people have higher cholesterol levels than those who have a thinner body. Conversely, a thin body certainly indicates a person avoid a disease of cholesterol.

This assumption is not entirely true, even false. Because in fact, cholesterol levels are influenced by various factors, including what is consumed, how quickly your body to produce and dispose of the bad LDL cholesterol, also influenced the level of health and eating habits.

Only by avoiding organ meats, milk, meat and cheese in your diet list, does not mean that cholesterol levels will be normal. In fact, 80% of blood cholesterol is produced by endogenous or from within the body itself.

When the metabolism of the body had deteriorated, it takes medication to control cholesterol levels continuously aka the long term. Besides that, need for good lifestyle modification through diet and exercise.

Although hypercholesterolemia or cholesterol overload disease is a disease that arises without significant symptoms, the examination of cholesterol remains to be done. Do not ignore your health condition. Make sure you routinely check the cholesterol levels, including LDL cholesterol (bad) cholesterol, HDL (good) and triglycerides.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lemon And Cucumber for More Bright Sunny Armpit

Dark color on the underarm skin often makes women less confident. This can be caused by several factors, including the use of deodorant products that cause allergic rashes or shaving habits and plucking the armpit hairs that cause irritation and may cause skin discoloration.

Many ways can be done to overcome this problem, either by using care products or herbal ways as will be explained below.


  • Lemon
  • Cucumber


Grate the cucumber to create smooth, then add lemon juice to taste. Apply evenly on your armpits and let stand for 15 minutes. Next wash the armpits until they are clean.

This treatment is more effective to make the colors brighter back underarm skin. Perform routine and see significant changes in the skin of your armpit.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Romantic Make Up For Your Perfect Dating

Romantic Make Up For Your Perfect Dating
There are many options soft colors that look beautiful on all skin colors, either white or pale brown. The key to give the impression of a soft and romantic in appearance is to use make-up are thin or not to highlight one area of the face is excessive.

  • As a first step, your makeup as usual by using a moisturizer, foundation and powder.
  • Continue to put blush on pale pink, thinly. Make sure you apply them only on your cheekbones and not excessive. (Brush your blush brush into the blush on lighter color before applying it and then press gently on your face.)
  • Pinch your eyelashes until you see the flicks, then use a black or brown mascara. Make sure you do not use it too much.
  • For the lips, apply a light colored lip gloss and soft. Choose the color pink brown. This color is the best option, as it will look fantastic on all skin colors.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oral Sex Cancer Risk

Oral Sex Cancer Risk
Oral sex may be a craze among couples before continuing to do sex. But be careful for those who like to perform oral sex. The results revealed that oral sex can lead to health risks. Results of research experts in cancer research center in Britain, argued about the dangers of oral sex.

Habits of British young people are fond of oral sex. Oral sex it can cause mouth and throat cancer. And today, the disease is suffered by many young people in the UK.

In research in 1989, found the average male who suffered from oral cancer caused by oral sex reached 50 percent. While the women who had mouth cancer an average of three percent due to cigarette smoking.

The results were also mentioned, 1800 people die every year because like oral sex. Meanwhile, a consultancy SHPRC sexual health for the UK Stanford student, said many people who do not know the risks of oral sex.

Some of the risks of oral sex that can cause disease in oral herpes or genital disease. Such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea attacks the throat, HIV, HPV, syphilis, and Hepatitis A.

To reduce the risk of oral cancer due to oral sex, SHPRC suggested that perpetrators use a certain liquid or avoid injury in the mouth and a vital tool when performing oral sex to avoid infection.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nutritious Food To Maintain Your Sex Drive

Nutritious Food To Maintain Your Sex Drive
Flagging sex life can make morale also dimmed. Many people say that the sex life can be influenced by food. So what food should be consumed and which should not be taken to keep your sex drive?

Although not directly, but it can be seen when the body is getting good nutrition, sex life will be better. Also, any thoughts of factors have an important role.

Depending on the Sex Life of a Good Nutrition
A good nerve function, hormone a stable, smooth blood flow helps your sexual performance. In order for these three systems work properly, you should consume foods such as nuts, seeds, and complex carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables regularly.

This menu will provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that enough for the body. Citrus is one fruit that has an important role because they contain vitamin C to strengthen blood vessel walls. While low-fat dairy products, grains, green vegetables, oatmeal, able to keep the membrane lining the female reproductive.

Vitamin E and Sexual Function
Many experts say that vitamin E plays a considerable role. Without a supply of vitamin E is derived from oil, margarine, nuts, grains, green vegetables, and oatmeal, sexual function may be impaired arousal was decreased.

Never Too Tired
Fatigue and depression are common causes in urban communities, and usually also the most common cause for the problem sesksual. This can be caused by a lack of body movement, aka sports. With regular exercise can stimulate production of endorphins (brain chemicals mood-elevating). Tired, and lethargic can also be caused by anemia. Iron deficiency in the body can cause anemia and fatigue. To overcome inadequate iron needs you to consume meat, fish and shellfish, nuts and seeds.

Inadequate Zinc Requirement
Zinc or Zinc has an important role for growth, whereas for men Zinc is needed to produce sperm. Condition good sperm can be supported with foods that contain zinc such as seafood, meat,
poultry, liver, eggs, and milk.

Reduce Tobacco and Alcohol
Many say that consuming alcohol can stimulate the sex drive, but unfortunately alcohol can also make your sexual performance declining. This also applies to cigarettes, nicotine contained in cigarettes could disrupt production
hormone estrogen in women. While men can cause impotence.

Reduce Saturated Fat
Almost everyone knows that the intake of foods containing saturated fat can cause blood cholesterol, and atherosclerotic fatty plaque buildup in blood vessels around the heart. If this occurs and accumulation of fat
going around the male genitals, of course, would reduce sexual drive.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reduce Endometrium Cancer Risk by Drinking Coffee

Reduce Cancer Endometrium Risk by Drinking Coffee
In addition to reducing drowsiness, coffee was also beneficial to reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, especially for those who consume at least four cups of coffee a day. As quoted from the findings by a group of researchers from the Karolinska Institute.

Each additional number of cups of coffee drunk associated with a 10 percent reduced risk of endometrial cancer. Coffee may reduce risk of endometrial cancer expected because the coffee can reduce insulin levels and estrogen, which is associated with the development of endometrial cancer. Nevertheless, only two prospective studies that explore regarding this hypothesis.

Data derived from the Swedish Mammography Cohort, a prospective study of population-based cohort of 60.634 women who were followed for approximately 17 years, 677 were diagnosed with endometrial cancer type adenocarcinoma. After investigation regarding coffee consumption and risk of endometrial cancer, it was found that there was a significant interaction between coffee consumption and body mass index.

The data states that coffee consumption is associated with a reduced risk of endometrial cancer, especially in women with excess body weight.

Friberg suggested that similar studies should be performed using Decaffeinate or decaffeinated coffee for to separate the effects of caffeinated coffee with decaf.

Keep in mind also that caffeine is not always profitable, because too much caffeine consumption (approximately 600 mg or equivalent to 6 cups of coffee) may experience unpleasant symptoms such as palpitations, nervousness, sweating, anxiety, and stomach feels uncomfortable, until difficulty sleeping.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Turkish Food Good to Lose Weight

The Turks have always had a brilliant idea when talking about food. Supported by the country's climate which is warm and fresh food products and confectionery minimal preserved in cans to make the Turks are very fond of what they call the Mediterranean diet. With a simple content but have a pretty good function.

So why do people love Turkish food? Because they are capable of making sense of vision feel good before a stopover in your mouth. Consider just as Turkey prepares women friends with rice beans and covered with a dish briyani baklava. And most importantly, all food is made by using materials that really fresh. So it is suitable cooked and slightly modified to support the weight reduction process you are doing.

When you try to lose weight, the best thing you can do in Turkey is enjoying a healthy and fresh food. These include fruits vegetables, grains and healthy fats. Without having to be added to processed foods commonly eaten by people in Indonesia. In fact, the Turks tend to be able to eat more food but could still have a slim body.

Do not ever hesitate to try yogurt when you stop in Turkey. Because this drink is believed to be found by the Huns tribes, the ancestors of the Turks when they roam travel hundreds of miles to find a better place to live. Name yogurt itself is taken from an appeal of a man Huns, "Yogurtmak" which means shuffling.

Yoghurt for the Treatment of Constipation

Yogurt for the Treatment of Constipation
Consuming yoghurt / probiotics Bifido bacterium animalis lactis group DN 173 010 (Activia) is recommended in the treatment of constipation as recommended in the Konsensus Nasional Penatalaksanaan Konstipasi (National Consensus Management of Constipation) in Indonesia in 2010.

This is in line with what was recommended by the World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) since 2009. Group of probiotics has proven to accelerate the time required by the dirt to pass through the gut (transit time) and ultimately to increase the frequency of BAB in patients with constipation, as told by Dr. Dada Makmun.

Probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis animalis DN 173 010 (Activia) has proven useful in various studies in a series of healthy adult population aged 17-50 years (Porchart et al, 1990); population of healthy young children (Beradda et al., 1991); healthy adults aged 18-30 years (Porchart et al., 1992) and healthy female population 20-48 years (Duez et al., 2000) with the results of this study shows that probiotics can survive in the digestive tract and still be detected after consumption discontinued.

dr. Dada explains the survival of probiotic strain Bifidobacterium lactis animalis DN 173 010 (Activia) in the human digestive tract has been clinically tested at 3 levels namely the stomach, after 90 minutes in the stomach, the number who survive as much as 105-106 cfu / ml.

In the intestine, this probiotic significantly increased the number of Bifidobacteria population (> 107 cfu / ml) 4 hours after the product is consumed and survive as much as 23.5% of total consumption, while that in the feces lactis strain Bifidobacterium animalis DN 173 010 (Activia) still survive in significant amounts (> 108 cfu / ml), even after the consumption of discontinued products.

Meanwhile, another clinical trial that is the subject of the study 135 adult women aged 25-65 years (Yang and He, 2007); the healthy elderly people aged 50-75 years (Meance et al., 2003); women aged 18-45 years ( Marteau et al., 2002); adults aged 21-42 years (Bouvier et al., 2001); the healthy elderly people aged 60-75 years (Meance et al., 2001).

"The study shows a decrease in colon transit time, increase the frequency CHAPTER especially in adults and the elderly, especially for women who suffer from constipation. Positive parameter that supports the study results is the frequency and consistency of feces CHAPTER, CHAPTER process went smoothly and the feeling of comfort after the BAB on a particular population "he concluded.

Women’s Brain Can not Feel Pain When Medium Orgasm

Women’s Brain Can not Feel Pain When Medium Orgasm
Women indeed have many secrets and very unique. Orgasm in women is a very complicated process that took place in the brain. Once the busy brain works, to the extent that can not feel pain while in the peak of pleasure.

There are many unique orgasm in women than in men. In women, orgasm was very intense (deep), much longer and can even occur up to several times in a row so called multiorgasme.

To uncover what really happened at the time a woman having an orgasm, researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey perform brain scans with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Various activities that occur in the brain and recorded woman filmed.

Revealed in the film, a woman's brain activity during orgasm lasts very high. Alternately and sometimes simultaneously, no less 30 different parts of the brain looks very busy producing the sensation of pleasure.

Not just at orgasm that occurs during sex, such complicated brain activity also occurred during masturbation. Even the few women who can achieve orgasm only with the mind, brain activity appears higher.

One of the researchers, Professor Barry Komisaruk says hard work in producing the brain waves of pleasure was not a strong play. Even so many nervous system is involved, sensitivity to pain is greatly reduced in women who are orgasm.

"Orgasm is a unique process that took over the entire brain and can be felt in all parts of the body," said Prof. Komisaruk as quoted by The Sunday Times, Monday (11/08/2010).

Records also reveal the average time it takes the women to reach orgasm. Most of them can accomplish in just 5 minutes, but no less well that takes time to 20 minutes.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful is Expensive

Beautiful is Expensive
Many ways in which women to look beautiful, one of them is by using cosmetic products and perform maintenance at the clinic. Not a few of them willing to spend money that does little to buy cosmetic products or treatments, which spelled out "not cheap" is to look beautiful with a healthy and beautiful skin.

But how will women's cosmetics quickness; it seems you have to think twice to buy this skin care product. Why? Because the price is too expensive. Even the money spent for this product in a year could become your capital for business.

Here are five skin care products that are considered the most expensive:
  1. Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream
    Price: USD $ 4 Million, the main Material: 24 carat gold.
    This golden yellow colored cream contains nano-particles of gold and silk microfiber useful 'calm' skin. Other materials such as lactic acid and pineapple juice are included to reduce stress and boost energy. As yoga practice that expensive ... to your face.
  2. Sisleya Sisley Global Anti-Age Cream
    Price: $ 4.3 Million, Active ingredients: ursolic acid.
    Besides containing many doses of retinol (vitamin A), this cream also contains plant extract rich in ursolic acid. Ursolic acid is a substance found in fruits such as apples and cranberries are believed to fight cancer cells. Sisley recommend this cream is used for women over 30 who require protection against free radicals and cope with stress.
  3. Kanebo Sensai Premier The Cream Collection
    Price: $ 6.2 Million, silk Koishimaru Active Ingredients.
    This product is claimed as the first treatment cream containing Koishimaru silk, exclusive material which is usually only allowed to use the Japanese royal family. Silk extract useful Koishimaru moisturize the skin and increase the production of synthetic hyaluronic acid. Other luxury materials are Japanese seaweed extract and beta-carotene. Using this cream, you already feel the Japanese empire-style treatment.
  4. Orlane Creme Royale
    Price: $ 6.2 Million, Active ingredient: 24 carat gold and royal jelly.
    One of the most expensive Orlane products. Contain gold, which function as anti-oxidants and skin tightening. Royal jelly is useful moisturize, soften and tighten.
  5. La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare
    Price: $ 9.4 Million, Active Materials: Platinum

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do not Eat Too Many Supplements

Agency for Food and Drug Administration in the UK, the FSA, warned that taking vitamins and minerals in large quantities can be bad for the body. Some additional foods are generally safe for consumption, the FSA said in a statement.

Institutions that claim supplements with high levels of chromium picolinate may cause cancer and drink a few other minerals and vitamins that are used in a long time can be dangerous.

Three types of supplements such as vitamin C, calcium and iron can cause harmful effects if taken in high doses even for a short period and symptoms may disappear when consumption is stopped immediately. "In many cases we can get enough nutrients from a balanced diet, but many people who choose to take supplements."

"Taking high-dose supplements over a period long enough to be dangerous," said Sir John Krebs, director of the FSA.

FSA said the size of 1,000 mg vitamin C, calcium 1500 mg and 17 mg of iron per day is the amount that can cause stomach upset or diarrhea in some people, even though the symptoms disappear immediately discontinued consumption. FSA also advised to take vitamin B6 did not exceed 10 mg per day unless your doctor prescribed.

Beta-carotene an anti-oxidant, which is found in fruits and vegetables are colored orange or yellow, will be able to create effects that are harmful to the smoker when dikonsusmsi in the long term.

The element manganese can be dangerous for the elderly after consumed during a certain period, whereas nicotin acid, zinc and phosphorus can be dangerous to health when consumed in the long term.

Advice and the FSA can be found on the website based on research and evidence of test results on safety testing vitamins and minerals with the aim of helping consumers to drop the right choice and true. "In addition, the FSA is still considering what action will be taken against the supplement industry," said Krebs again.

FSA will consult on the possibility of banning the drug industry to produce Chromium Picolinate, which has taken some people to neutralize the sugar levels in the blood. FSA also review the instructions consumption of 34 vitamins and minerals, especially emphasizing the problem right time and right are for the body in the general case.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Know Your Anti-Aging Products

Know Your Anti-Aging Products
Many factors that cause skin damage and aging women faster, one of which is lack of nutrition for the skin. Use a moisturizer if your skin is dry or oily. Because many women tend to ignore the fact that their skin needs treatment with moisturizing cream every day.

Give your skin the nutrients needed to maintain humidity. Try to use a moisturizer that contains natural.

After cleaning your skin, your daily routine to do to have perfect skin and youthful is to keep it healthy and fresh as long as you can. You can not miss the use of anti-aging moisturizer. We have available a variety of anti-aging moisturizers on the market. Learn first content contained in these moisturizers before you decide to buy it. Consider carefully whether a moisturizer and is suitable to your needs and your skin type.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do not stay away from sunlight

Do not stay away from sunlight
Sunlight for women who do not want to burn skin or skin cancer may often avoid it, but not too often shy away from sunlight. Because the results of research led by Johan Moan of the Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway shows that the benefits of sunlight in addition to helping us live longer, it also provides health benefits outweigh the risk of skin cancer.

Exposure to sunlight in moderation benefit of vitamin D is very large, because the sun spur the body to produce vitamin D. Some foods do contain vitamin D, but its main source comes from the sun.

Unfortunately the fear of skin cancer makes a lot of people distance themselves from the sun. In fact, such action is to eliminate important protections for the body of a series of illnesses. By getting more vitamin D, the body's immune system will work better.

Numerous studies show a protective effect of vitamin D intake greater for some types of cancer and diseases such as rickets, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

The best time to get sun exposure is in the morning and afternoon. But remember, it is not advisable to bask too long because you can burn skin.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pregnant Women Need More Iron

According to research, an estimated 50 million-70 million Indonesian people suffering from blood deficiency or anemia. Of that amount as much as 50.9% patients with anemia that is a pregnant woman.

This is expressed by Dr. Indra Marki SpPD, coordinator of the event is themed mini symposium Anaemia and Women that was held at the Hall of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine), in Jakarta recently.

At the symposium held by Executive Board of Internal Medicine Specialist Doctors Association of Indonesia (Papdi), Dr. Irawan SpPD Coshpiadi, K-HOM explained based on the WHO definition of anemia is a condition that someone with Hb (hemoglobin) of less than normal.

"Hemoglobin is the part of elements of the human body that carries oxygen throughout the body. So anemia is not the same as low blood pressure disease," explained Cosphiadi.

Meanwhile, Dr. Junita Indarti SpOG explained that the need for iron (Fe) to 1 mg per day women and pregnant women 60-10 mg per day. But she added that women are very susceptible to anemia or anemia.

"The reason women experience menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth. In addition, women also suffer from diseases such content tools cervical cancer, cancer of the endometrium (the mucous membrane of the uterus), and ovarian cancer," he said.

According Junita, anemia in women can give bad influence, especially during pregnancy, childbirth, and childbirth, as well as afterwards. Anaemia in women can also result in miscarriage, premature birth, long labor because the uterus does not contract.

"In addition, anemia in women can cause postpartum bleeding, shock, infection during birth or after. When Hbnya less than 4 grams per deciliter can make heart failure," he said.

Stay Beautiful While Wearing Braces

Stay Beautiful While Wearing Braces
Wearing braces often make a person become less confident in her appearance. Braces are a useful tool for regulation of uneven teeth and correct jaw shape. Moreover, braces have been decorated with various shapes and colors to integrate with your appearance. But if you are still not confident with using it, try these few simple tricks to overcome them.

  1. Maintain cleanliness of the teeth so that any braces look nice. Because actually wearing braces is not shameful. But it would be very embarrassing if there is a former food stuck in braces. Therefore it is important to brush your teeth after meals for those who wear braces.
  2. Eat vitamin C regularly to help relieve the hurt caused by the continuous friction arising from the use of braces.
  3. Select rubber color braces appropriate mood. Do not be afraid to change your braces rubber with bright colors fit the mood. But if you prefer an inconspicuous color, the color white is recommended because its effect will make teeth look whiter.
  4. Convince yourself that this is only temporary braces. When people commented bad about your appearance, then think about it, they give praise when your braces removed and showing a row of perfect teeth. The motivation of this reason, should be used when you feel lazy to do the controls. The more disciplined control, so the sooner you are rid of these braces.
  5. Do not be too focused on thinking about your braces. There are many sides of themselves that can be highlighted, such as unkempt hair, healthy skin or intelligence that you get from healthy foods that have been consumed.
  6. Take time to reflect and find the best angle smile after using braces. That way you will feel confident while being photographed with my friends. So, wear braces? Who's afraid!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauty Without Wrinkles

Beauty Without Wrinkles
Which woman did not want to be seen still beautiful in old age? It is undeniable, wrinkles or wrinkles are a prose salami. But a healthy lifestyle, including laughing and sleep well, can make you look beautiful and youthful.

You can be proud with the condition of your skin smooth without acne. But will the beauty of your skin is immortal? Probably not. The aging process did not happen suddenly, but gradually divided into 3 phases: subklinikal (age 25-35 years), when hormone production decreased about 14%, transition (ages 35-45 years) hormone decreased to 25%, clinical which occur when stepping on the age of 45 years.

In general, the process of skin aging is influenced two factors, namely physiological factors (heredity, race and hormonal) as well as premature aging factor. Visible signs of wrinkles on the skin along the folds in certain parts. The causes ranging from ultra violet rays, air pollution, cigarette smoke, chemicals, until the drought of factors such as the wrong selection of cosmetics. Effect of air-conditioning, and poor eating habits and your lifestyle.

The aging process due to physiological factors are difficult to avoid its appearance. While aging can be prevented. The trick? By using advanced formulations that contain elements such as: Ultrasome, an enzyme contained in the recovery of marine algae containing T4 endonuclease proven useful to help repair damaged DNA, Vitamin C derivatives, which protects skin cells from damage lingkiungan, Licorice Root Extract which protects skin from free radicals, Alpinia Leaf Extract is beneficial to protect collagen, the protein fibers that make structured and taut skin.

Facts About Aging Skin

Facts About Aging Skin
To understand better on how to combat the signs of aging, you should also familiar with the process itself. The rate at which age our skin aging and how aging occurs is determined by genetic factors, and our lifestyle. All these factors play an important role in providing information and help predict how we look in the future.

1. Our Family Tree

Our bodies have internal clocks that help determine how and when we will age. For some, the clock is ticking faster than others and cause them to look and / or feel older than they should. As for the other, the clock is ticking more slowly, and make them look and / or feel young. This clock is set by the DNA of our ancestors. This means there is a possibility of health and strength of our bodies, including our skin, will have the same strengths and weaknesses such as those found on members of our family.

See our similarities with parents and assess how the skin at a certain age could be a strong indicator to predict how we look in the future. But the habits and lifestyle play a significant role here. For example, if your parents smoke or often stung by the sun and you never do it, then health and your overall appearance will be better.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses in yourself can be a benchmark to take preventive action. For example, if the sagging skin is characteristic of your family, there is a habit or lifestyle that we can adjust. For example, do not lose weight dramatically with age. Our genetics can also be a good indication to determine the most effective treatment. For example, if one family member has successfully used this type of treatment with certain substances without being accompanied by irritation, then you also have an opportunity to get the same benefits.

2. As Time Passes

When the body got older, the natural function of our bodies also start to decline, including biochemical mechanisms that keep skin look good. Our skin has a natural defense system that is integrated to protect from damage, whether from the sun, drinking too much alcohol, lack of sleep, and other factors. Skin also has a remarkable ability to regenerate that help repair any damage that may occur.

But our skin also has natural enzymes that can destroy it. At age we age, our skin's defense forces will also be degraded naturally. Which means our skin will lose the ability to fend off and recover from the onslaught from both internal and external.

Here's another analogy about fitness. A young runners can recover one day after a crash. His knees may feel a little sick, but the next day he could get up and running again without any major issues. Conversely, an older runner, has less natural protection against certain types of trauma and become less optimal regenerative abilities to help repair damaged joints. Not unlike our skin.

When growing older, the skin that often experience stress, often stung by the sun or lack of sleep, the skin's natural defenses will also be much reduced. Fortunately, thanks to modern science, several protective and reparative products can take over when the natural defense functions begin degraded.

3. Habits and Lifestyle

When buying a new pair of shoes, the skin will feel smooth and free of stains. But after we wear, these shoes will start to show folds. At first, these folds are only visible when we walk. But the longer we go the more of these folds. Our skin is included in such species. The more we use, so it looks more and will be increasingly obsolete.

And if we make repeated facial movements for years, then gradually formed lines wrinkles on the face. But again, the wrinkles will not be permanent. There are ways for them to return to its original state. Plus, there are habits and lifestyle we can adopt to prevent it. Sun, wind, lack of sleep, diet or an unhealthy diet and other habits will increase in facial wrinkles. By making certain changes in daily routine, we not only can improve overall health also improve skin condition.

Genetic factors also play here, although some people have skin that tends to be more resistant to stress levels than others. Surely you have an annoying friend who often eat a cheeseburger and fries but still slim and did not experience high blood pressure. Once we know the genetic factors that determine the natural skin aging process and lifestyle, then we can create specific strategies to perform maintenance to keep skin look perfect.

No matter how you feel and your perspective on your skin, it is important to remember that permanent procedures such as face lifts (skin tightening techniques) and other invasive measures such as laser resurfacing is not recommended. Because can leave scars and skin discoloration.

The first step to look beautiful and have always been younger-looking skin is to learn all the elements: genetics, lifestyle, your skin condition now, and how you feel about your appearance. So you can make intelligent decisions before determining what products and skin treatment that can work well.

Do Not Underestimate Dysentery

Do Not Underestimate Dysentery
Dysentery is an inflammation of the large intestine characterized by abdominal pain and watery bowel movements that constantly (diarrhea) is mixed with mucus and blood. Based on the cause dysentery can be divided into two: amoebic dysentery and dysentery basiler.

The most common cause is a parasitic infection of Entamoeba histolytica causes amoebic dysentery and Shigella infections class bacteria that cause dysentery basiler.

Parasite Entamoeba hystolytica
These germs can be spread and transmitted to others through food and water that was contaminated by feces and flies. Parasite Entamoeba hystolytica live in the large intestine, the parasite has two forms, ie forms that move and shape that is not moving.

Parasites in the form of not moving does not cause symptoms, while the shape that moves when attacking the intestinal wall can cause heartburn sufferers, flatulence, increased body temperature, as well as diarrhea containing blood and mucus mixed, but the diarrhea is not too often.

Dysentery basiler usually attack suddenly about two days after exposure to germs / bacteria Shigella. The symptoms are fever, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and no appetite. If it’s not addressed, two or three days later out of blood, mucus or pus in the feces of patients.

In basiler dysentery, patients experience severe diarrhea that is watery stools out to 20-30 times a day so that it becomes weak, thin and sunken eyes due to lack of body fluids (dehydration). It cannot be underestimated, because if not addressed dehydration can lead to death. Other symptoms of abdominal pain and convulse.

The disease is generally more rapid in children. These germs enter the digestive organs that result in swelling and ulceration causing inflammation of the colon.

Patients with dysentery should get immediate treatment, which needs to be avoided is to prevent dehydration because it can be fatal. In an emergency, mild dehydration can be overcome by giving liquid electrolyte (ORS) to replace fluids lost from diarrhea and vomiting. ORS was dissolved in 200 cc boiled water, stirred and given little by little with a spoon to the patient.

If ORS not available, can make a mixture of sugar and salt solution (1 teaspoon sugar 1 / 4 teaspoon salt, diluted with 200 cc of warm water) or can also drink coconut water. If dehydration is severe, after being given oral rehydration salts or a mixture of sugar and salt solution as first aid, should the patient be brought to the hospital to be given treatment.

Preventive measures that can be done to anticipate dysentery which considering a healthy lifestyle and clean, as always maintain the cleanliness of food and drink from contamination of dirt and germ-carrying insects, environmental hygiene, clean hands properly after defecation or before eating or when holding food to be eaten.

Osteoporosis, Secretly Attacking Women

Osteoporosis, Secretly Attacking Women
Osteoporosis is a bone disease that has special characteristics such as low bone mass, along with micro-architectural deterioration of bone and bone tissue that can eventually cause bone loss. The danger, this disease appears almost without symptoms.

In the study some of the world chiropractors, osteoporosis is often referred to as the silent disease (a disease attacking secretly). As a result, many women are unaware that they have suffered from the disease.

To diagnose osteoporosis before the occurrence of fracture examination that assesses bone density. While on a person who has suffered a broken bone, a diagnosis of osteoporosis diagnosis based on symptoms, physical examination and bone X-rays.

Most people with osteoporosis are women. That is because by nature, women experienced three very important period in his life and spend a disproportionate amount of calcium intake in the body, ie pregnant, breastfeeding and menopause.

However, many things can be done either by women or men to prevent bone loss symptoms approached. Regular exercise at least 3 times 30 minutes a week, this activity can make the bones become flexible and facilitate the circulation of blood.

Adjust your diet. Consume foods containing calcium, which serves to maximize bone mass, bone or muscle to increase flexibility and balance. Cheese, milk, fish, meat, eggs, spinach, broccoli, tofu and tempeh are some foods that are believed to have high calcium levels. Intake of other nutrients that need to be considered namely, protein, vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin K.

Drink milk. Besides functioning in providing substances important in bone, it turns milk also helps to absorb calcium effectively and nutrients locked in the bones, so bones become dense.

Avoid excessive salt intake or food that tastes salty, coffee, cola drinks, alcohol and tea to excess. The reason, these substances will inhibit the absorption of calcium in the body.

The form of treatment carried out aimed at increasing bone density.
So, women as housewives and the main organizer of family nutrition, should be able to pick and choose the type of food and cuisine that will be consumed by the family.

For themselves, women must be very clever to observe and maintain health by getting used to maintain your diet and healthy lifestyle. All women, especially those suffering from osteoporosis, should take calcium and vitamin D in sufficient quantities.

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