Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Secret Natural Treatment of 3 World Celebrities

Even though luxurious life of the famous celebrity, but some of the world's top celebrity keep doing natural treatments that made ​​themselves at home. Want to know the secrets of celebrity-style treatment is cheap? Summarized from BecomeGorgeous, here are three celebrities who still rely on natural ingredients that are available in the kitchen to keep their beauty.

Jennifer Aniston

To get a smooth skin and lips are not chapped, Jennifer Aniston has his own concoction. Brad Pitt's ex-wife was diligent rubbing his lips with a mixture of sugar and a little water. Jennifer did this ritual every day.


Lead singer of 'The Black Eyed Peas' that rely on toothpaste when skin breakouts. Fergie trick is indeed powerful enough to destroy acne. Toothpaste contains ingredients that can sterilize berbakteri areas and accelerate the healing process and deflation acne.

Beyonce Knowles

Singer of "Who Run The World" is a special trick to eliminate toxins and blackheads on his face. Beyonce diligent face evaporation. You do this by using hot water that has been diwadahkan in the basin, then leaned close to the basin. Cover the head with a towel, so that the steam directly concentrated to the face.

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