Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Be careful! Depression Due to Trying to be Perfect Mother

When being a working mom, you will bend over backwards to do everything well.But according to a recent study, women who try to be perfect mothers are at risk of depression. Research presented at a regular meeting of the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas found that the work turned out to have benefits for both maternal mental health. Among working mothers, those with minor depression risk is not trying to be supermom. Mothers who are not depressed is not really trying hard to balance work with family life.

"Women who seek to be ideal actually increase symptoms of depression than women who are more skeptical about balancing work and family," explains one researcher Katrina Leupp, a graduate of the University of Washington, as quoted by LiveScience.
Research conducted Leupp and his friends involving 1600 women were married. The study is called 'National Longitudinal Survey of Youth' and starts since 1987.

In that study, women were asked to answer questions to gauge their support for working women. They were also asked whether or not to agree with the statement: "Women are happier if I were a housewife and take care of the child".

In 1992 and 1994, the respondent who was then already 40 years old answered questions about symptoms of depression they experienced. Just like previous research, the survey shows, working mother, having fewer depressive symptoms than housewives. That may be because working mothers have more opportunities to interact, more diverse activities and have income.

"Ironically, women who are not trying to balance work and family have better mental health than those who try to be perfect," said Leupp.

Leupp argues that working women trying to be perfect is likely to be felt in conflict with the work environment. Work environment does not support a balance between work and family.

"When they can’t balance everything perfectly, supermom becomes more frustrated and guilty," said Leupp.

From this research, Leupp hope our working mothers may feel more optimistic in carrying out his days between a parent and worker. Working mothers should not blame themselves if something is wrong in carrying out his days.

"Be aware if they have trouble, it's because it's difficult," he concluded.

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