Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best Way for Choosing Lipstick Color

Women are often confused in choosing the color of lipstick. Choose the wrong shade of lipstick is annoying. The color of a lipstick that does not fit is often a problem typical of the women. Insecurity often arise when women choose the wrong shade of lipstick. Then how to choose the right lipstick color for you? Consider the following reviews.

Know Thyself With Good

Success or failure color lipstick on your lips depending on how you know yourself. If you see someone choosing lipstick color is good and right does not mean it would be nice also be applied to your lips. It depends on your original lip color. Therefore recognize the lip color will make it easier for you when determining the color.

Choose a neutral color

Neutral color that is not the color of concealer or a matching color to the skin. Color matching the color of lipstick that will make your skin look more pale. Use colors that are slightly brighter than your lip color. This will accentuate your lips. Choose bright colors for those who have thick lips. Avoid excessive use of lip gloss because it will add to the thickness of the lips.

Apply the Right Way

When applying lipstick, should use the center of the lower lip as a guide in choosing the right color. This section is the part that most accurately representing the color of your lips. If you have applied several times, try to clean up first because of the color of your lips are vague and unclear. Lips will also appear darker if exposed to the sun, consider this before applying the color.

Be creative with Lipstick

No lipstick produced costume. All mass-produced so none really fits you. That is, you are allowed to mix and a little creative with certain colors. Origin is still confident and precise when applied. Why not?

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