Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Jennifer Lopez Beauty Secrets

Singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez this year at the age of 40 years. But the former wife of Marc Antony's still one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. Not just sexy, J-Lo is also known to have beautiful skin and youthful. What is the beauty secret that American Idol judges?

First, J-Lo believes to be key in moisturizing skin care. Reported OurVanity, singer of 'On The Floor' is to apply moisturizer on her face and body several times a day, including morning, evening and every time the shower.

Another secret is, J-Lo has never underestimate sleep time. Enough sleep, the movie stars 'Maid in Manhattan' had an important role in maintaining the skin's beauty.

Every day, a woman born July 24, 1969 was always trying to sleep no less than eight hours. For J-Lo, sleep is a moisturizer as well as cleansing the skin to stay healthy and glowing.

Perfume brand owners 'J. Lo' is also used cosmetics containing placental protein, which serves to make the skin stay young. The mother of twins were not the only actress who use treatments placenta. Eva Longoria's another example of Hollywood actress who likes to cosmetic products containing placenta protein.

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