Friday, September 30, 2011

4 Symptoms of Breast Cancer Should Caution

Breast cancer is one of the most feared diseases of women because it can cause death if diagnosed late. Therefore, it helps you recognize early symptoms of breast cancer. Here are five common symptoms of breast cancer that is often unconscious.

  1. Taste Itching, Pain and Expressing Breast
    A rash on the skin or burning sensation when touching the breasts are signs of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rare and deadly disease, but not too well known. IBC's can cause breast swelling, irritation and pain onset. In addition IBC also cause redness and even purple like a bruise. IBC initially accompanied by a feeling sore as when pre-menstrual (PMS) as affected by allergies and itching. But the second flavor does not disappear in the near future.
  2. The existence of Changes in Breast Nipples
    One of the locations of the most common breast cancer is under the nipple. Therefore, if your nipples change shape or color it's worth it immediately went to the doctor. Besides shape and color, nipple bleeding, watery or scaly skin around the nipple become, can be some symptoms of breast cancer.
  3. Changing Shape and Size One Breast
    Not all lumps are cancer causing considerable. A woman in California to know that he was suffering from breast cancer after seeing that the shape of one of her breasts became more oval, and somewhat lower sticking to one side.
  4. Upper Back Pain
    Although not many, but there are some cases of breast cancer that begins with symptoms of back pain. Usually the pain is located on the upper back area or between the shoulder blades. Backache is almost the same as muscle pain, tendon or osteoarthritis of the spine, so it is quite difficult to distinguish. This occurs due to cancer that drives the chest wall toward the rib cage and spine.
One of the best way to find changes in your breasts is to recognize the shape and appearance as well. Sit facing a mirror and notice the difference. You can also find out if one feels very tight bra cup while others do not.

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