Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strange, There Are Cosmetic Products for Dead Body

Strange, There Are Cosmetic Products for Dead Body
There is a little creepy collaboration in the beauty industry. Illamasqua, a British cosmetics company in collaboration with the funeral home in London, Leverton & Sons created the product make-up corpse named 'Afterlife'. Illamasqua is a brand of cosmetics that is often used for theatrical makeup and gothic. Quoted from the blog Fashionista Illamasqua, it wants to create a different makeup for corpses.
Illamasqua want to make a person able to express themselves and embrace their alter ego in everything. Why be different when he died? Because this moment is a celebration of life, and should be given a glamorous offerings for the last time.
The ritual of 'celebration' of death has been a human culture for thousands of years. Something that the best he had taken to come hereafter. So even with the appearance, giving the best makeup for someone who has died is to be performed by the family as a form of memorial.

Not just selling products, Illamasqua also provides services to make up the bodies. Make-up applied by a professional make-up artist. Make-up service is only available in London and valued at U.S. $ 700 or about USD 6 millions.

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