Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eat Cheese Every Day Can Trigger Cancer!

Eat Cheese Every Day Can Trigger Cancer!
Are you cheese lovers? But avoid eating cheese every day in order to avoid the risk of bladder cancer. According to a recent study, eat cheese every day can increase a person's risk of bladder cancer. as quoted by the Daily Mail. Someone who eats more than 53 grams is equivalent to a piece of cheese or chocolate, increases the risk of the disease as much as 50%.

The study involved 200 patients with bladder cancer. A diet of hundreds of respondents were then compared with the 386 respondents who did not have the disease.

Research conducted Dutch and Belgian scientists wanted to find out if indeed saturated fat contained in meat and dairy products, like cheese, can cause a person more at risk of developing cancer than the more healthy fats. Foods with more healthy fats such as olive oil it.

Their results show that eating cheese really is not too risky, unless someone is eating cheese is as much as 53 grams a day. Just need to research more about it for a more optimal.

"We found zaitung oil lowers a person's risk of developing cancer, while consumption of cheese in large amounts increases the risk," explains the researcher. The research was published in European Journal of Cancer.

For your information, every 30 grams of cheese contains 4-7 grams of saturated fat. Imagine if you eat them every day, how much saturated fat into the body?

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