Monday, November 8, 2010

Women’s Brain Can not Feel Pain When Medium Orgasm

Women’s Brain Can not Feel Pain When Medium Orgasm
Women indeed have many secrets and very unique. Orgasm in women is a very complicated process that took place in the brain. Once the busy brain works, to the extent that can not feel pain while in the peak of pleasure.

There are many unique orgasm in women than in men. In women, orgasm was very intense (deep), much longer and can even occur up to several times in a row so called multiorgasme.

To uncover what really happened at the time a woman having an orgasm, researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey perform brain scans with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Various activities that occur in the brain and recorded woman filmed.

Revealed in the film, a woman's brain activity during orgasm lasts very high. Alternately and sometimes simultaneously, no less 30 different parts of the brain looks very busy producing the sensation of pleasure.

Not just at orgasm that occurs during sex, such complicated brain activity also occurred during masturbation. Even the few women who can achieve orgasm only with the mind, brain activity appears higher.

One of the researchers, Professor Barry Komisaruk says hard work in producing the brain waves of pleasure was not a strong play. Even so many nervous system is involved, sensitivity to pain is greatly reduced in women who are orgasm.

"Orgasm is a unique process that took over the entire brain and can be felt in all parts of the body," said Prof. Komisaruk as quoted by The Sunday Times, Monday (11/08/2010).

Records also reveal the average time it takes the women to reach orgasm. Most of them can accomplish in just 5 minutes, but no less well that takes time to 20 minutes.

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