Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauty Without Wrinkles

Beauty Without Wrinkles
Which woman did not want to be seen still beautiful in old age? It is undeniable, wrinkles or wrinkles are a prose salami. But a healthy lifestyle, including laughing and sleep well, can make you look beautiful and youthful.

You can be proud with the condition of your skin smooth without acne. But will the beauty of your skin is immortal? Probably not. The aging process did not happen suddenly, but gradually divided into 3 phases: subklinikal (age 25-35 years), when hormone production decreased about 14%, transition (ages 35-45 years) hormone decreased to 25%, clinical which occur when stepping on the age of 45 years.

In general, the process of skin aging is influenced two factors, namely physiological factors (heredity, race and hormonal) as well as premature aging factor. Visible signs of wrinkles on the skin along the folds in certain parts. The causes ranging from ultra violet rays, air pollution, cigarette smoke, chemicals, until the drought of factors such as the wrong selection of cosmetics. Effect of air-conditioning, and poor eating habits and your lifestyle.

The aging process due to physiological factors are difficult to avoid its appearance. While aging can be prevented. The trick? By using advanced formulations that contain elements such as: Ultrasome, an enzyme contained in the recovery of marine algae containing T4 endonuclease proven useful to help repair damaged DNA, Vitamin C derivatives, which protects skin cells from damage lingkiungan, Licorice Root Extract which protects skin from free radicals, Alpinia Leaf Extract is beneficial to protect collagen, the protein fibers that make structured and taut skin.

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