Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stay Beautiful While Wearing Braces

Stay Beautiful While Wearing Braces
Wearing braces often make a person become less confident in her appearance. Braces are a useful tool for regulation of uneven teeth and correct jaw shape. Moreover, braces have been decorated with various shapes and colors to integrate with your appearance. But if you are still not confident with using it, try these few simple tricks to overcome them.

  1. Maintain cleanliness of the teeth so that any braces look nice. Because actually wearing braces is not shameful. But it would be very embarrassing if there is a former food stuck in braces. Therefore it is important to brush your teeth after meals for those who wear braces.
  2. Eat vitamin C regularly to help relieve the hurt caused by the continuous friction arising from the use of braces.
  3. Select rubber color braces appropriate mood. Do not be afraid to change your braces rubber with bright colors fit the mood. But if you prefer an inconspicuous color, the color white is recommended because its effect will make teeth look whiter.
  4. Convince yourself that this is only temporary braces. When people commented bad about your appearance, then think about it, they give praise when your braces removed and showing a row of perfect teeth. The motivation of this reason, should be used when you feel lazy to do the controls. The more disciplined control, so the sooner you are rid of these braces.
  5. Do not be too focused on thinking about your braces. There are many sides of themselves that can be highlighted, such as unkempt hair, healthy skin or intelligence that you get from healthy foods that have been consumed.
  6. Take time to reflect and find the best angle smile after using braces. That way you will feel confident while being photographed with my friends. So, wear braces? Who's afraid!

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