Friday, November 12, 2010

Oral Sex Cancer Risk

Oral Sex Cancer Risk
Oral sex may be a craze among couples before continuing to do sex. But be careful for those who like to perform oral sex. The results revealed that oral sex can lead to health risks. Results of research experts in cancer research center in Britain, argued about the dangers of oral sex.

Habits of British young people are fond of oral sex. Oral sex it can cause mouth and throat cancer. And today, the disease is suffered by many young people in the UK.

In research in 1989, found the average male who suffered from oral cancer caused by oral sex reached 50 percent. While the women who had mouth cancer an average of three percent due to cigarette smoking.

The results were also mentioned, 1800 people die every year because like oral sex. Meanwhile, a consultancy SHPRC sexual health for the UK Stanford student, said many people who do not know the risks of oral sex.

Some of the risks of oral sex that can cause disease in oral herpes or genital disease. Such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea attacks the throat, HIV, HPV, syphilis, and Hepatitis A.

To reduce the risk of oral cancer due to oral sex, SHPRC suggested that perpetrators use a certain liquid or avoid injury in the mouth and a vital tool when performing oral sex to avoid infection.

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