Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do not Eat Too Many Supplements

Agency for Food and Drug Administration in the UK, the FSA, warned that taking vitamins and minerals in large quantities can be bad for the body. Some additional foods are generally safe for consumption, the FSA said in a statement.

Institutions that claim supplements with high levels of chromium picolinate may cause cancer and drink a few other minerals and vitamins that are used in a long time can be dangerous.

Three types of supplements such as vitamin C, calcium and iron can cause harmful effects if taken in high doses even for a short period and symptoms may disappear when consumption is stopped immediately. "In many cases we can get enough nutrients from a balanced diet, but many people who choose to take supplements."

"Taking high-dose supplements over a period long enough to be dangerous," said Sir John Krebs, director of the FSA.

FSA said the size of 1,000 mg vitamin C, calcium 1500 mg and 17 mg of iron per day is the amount that can cause stomach upset or diarrhea in some people, even though the symptoms disappear immediately discontinued consumption. FSA also advised to take vitamin B6 did not exceed 10 mg per day unless your doctor prescribed.

Beta-carotene an anti-oxidant, which is found in fruits and vegetables are colored orange or yellow, will be able to create effects that are harmful to the smoker when dikonsusmsi in the long term.

The element manganese can be dangerous for the elderly after consumed during a certain period, whereas nicotin acid, zinc and phosphorus can be dangerous to health when consumed in the long term.

Advice and the FSA can be found on the website based on research and evidence of test results on safety testing vitamins and minerals with the aim of helping consumers to drop the right choice and true. "In addition, the FSA is still considering what action will be taken against the supplement industry," said Krebs again.

FSA will consult on the possibility of banning the drug industry to produce Chromium Picolinate, which has taken some people to neutralize the sugar levels in the blood. FSA also review the instructions consumption of 34 vitamins and minerals, especially emphasizing the problem right time and right are for the body in the general case.

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