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Facts About Aging Skin

Facts About Aging Skin
To understand better on how to combat the signs of aging, you should also familiar with the process itself. The rate at which age our skin aging and how aging occurs is determined by genetic factors, and our lifestyle. All these factors play an important role in providing information and help predict how we look in the future.

1. Our Family Tree

Our bodies have internal clocks that help determine how and when we will age. For some, the clock is ticking faster than others and cause them to look and / or feel older than they should. As for the other, the clock is ticking more slowly, and make them look and / or feel young. This clock is set by the DNA of our ancestors. This means there is a possibility of health and strength of our bodies, including our skin, will have the same strengths and weaknesses such as those found on members of our family.

See our similarities with parents and assess how the skin at a certain age could be a strong indicator to predict how we look in the future. But the habits and lifestyle play a significant role here. For example, if your parents smoke or often stung by the sun and you never do it, then health and your overall appearance will be better.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses in yourself can be a benchmark to take preventive action. For example, if the sagging skin is characteristic of your family, there is a habit or lifestyle that we can adjust. For example, do not lose weight dramatically with age. Our genetics can also be a good indication to determine the most effective treatment. For example, if one family member has successfully used this type of treatment with certain substances without being accompanied by irritation, then you also have an opportunity to get the same benefits.

2. As Time Passes

When the body got older, the natural function of our bodies also start to decline, including biochemical mechanisms that keep skin look good. Our skin has a natural defense system that is integrated to protect from damage, whether from the sun, drinking too much alcohol, lack of sleep, and other factors. Skin also has a remarkable ability to regenerate that help repair any damage that may occur.

But our skin also has natural enzymes that can destroy it. At age we age, our skin's defense forces will also be degraded naturally. Which means our skin will lose the ability to fend off and recover from the onslaught from both internal and external.

Here's another analogy about fitness. A young runners can recover one day after a crash. His knees may feel a little sick, but the next day he could get up and running again without any major issues. Conversely, an older runner, has less natural protection against certain types of trauma and become less optimal regenerative abilities to help repair damaged joints. Not unlike our skin.

When growing older, the skin that often experience stress, often stung by the sun or lack of sleep, the skin's natural defenses will also be much reduced. Fortunately, thanks to modern science, several protective and reparative products can take over when the natural defense functions begin degraded.

3. Habits and Lifestyle

When buying a new pair of shoes, the skin will feel smooth and free of stains. But after we wear, these shoes will start to show folds. At first, these folds are only visible when we walk. But the longer we go the more of these folds. Our skin is included in such species. The more we use, so it looks more and will be increasingly obsolete.

And if we make repeated facial movements for years, then gradually formed lines wrinkles on the face. But again, the wrinkles will not be permanent. There are ways for them to return to its original state. Plus, there are habits and lifestyle we can adopt to prevent it. Sun, wind, lack of sleep, diet or an unhealthy diet and other habits will increase in facial wrinkles. By making certain changes in daily routine, we not only can improve overall health also improve skin condition.

Genetic factors also play here, although some people have skin that tends to be more resistant to stress levels than others. Surely you have an annoying friend who often eat a cheeseburger and fries but still slim and did not experience high blood pressure. Once we know the genetic factors that determine the natural skin aging process and lifestyle, then we can create specific strategies to perform maintenance to keep skin look perfect.

No matter how you feel and your perspective on your skin, it is important to remember that permanent procedures such as face lifts (skin tightening techniques) and other invasive measures such as laser resurfacing is not recommended. Because can leave scars and skin discoloration.

The first step to look beautiful and have always been younger-looking skin is to learn all the elements: genetics, lifestyle, your skin condition now, and how you feel about your appearance. So you can make intelligent decisions before determining what products and skin treatment that can work well.

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