Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nutritious Food To Maintain Your Sex Drive

Nutritious Food To Maintain Your Sex Drive
Flagging sex life can make morale also dimmed. Many people say that the sex life can be influenced by food. So what food should be consumed and which should not be taken to keep your sex drive?

Although not directly, but it can be seen when the body is getting good nutrition, sex life will be better. Also, any thoughts of factors have an important role.

Depending on the Sex Life of a Good Nutrition
A good nerve function, hormone a stable, smooth blood flow helps your sexual performance. In order for these three systems work properly, you should consume foods such as nuts, seeds, and complex carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables regularly.

This menu will provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that enough for the body. Citrus is one fruit that has an important role because they contain vitamin C to strengthen blood vessel walls. While low-fat dairy products, grains, green vegetables, oatmeal, able to keep the membrane lining the female reproductive.

Vitamin E and Sexual Function
Many experts say that vitamin E plays a considerable role. Without a supply of vitamin E is derived from oil, margarine, nuts, grains, green vegetables, and oatmeal, sexual function may be impaired arousal was decreased.

Never Too Tired
Fatigue and depression are common causes in urban communities, and usually also the most common cause for the problem sesksual. This can be caused by a lack of body movement, aka sports. With regular exercise can stimulate production of endorphins (brain chemicals mood-elevating). Tired, and lethargic can also be caused by anemia. Iron deficiency in the body can cause anemia and fatigue. To overcome inadequate iron needs you to consume meat, fish and shellfish, nuts and seeds.

Inadequate Zinc Requirement
Zinc or Zinc has an important role for growth, whereas for men Zinc is needed to produce sperm. Condition good sperm can be supported with foods that contain zinc such as seafood, meat,
poultry, liver, eggs, and milk.

Reduce Tobacco and Alcohol
Many say that consuming alcohol can stimulate the sex drive, but unfortunately alcohol can also make your sexual performance declining. This also applies to cigarettes, nicotine contained in cigarettes could disrupt production
hormone estrogen in women. While men can cause impotence.

Reduce Saturated Fat
Almost everyone knows that the intake of foods containing saturated fat can cause blood cholesterol, and atherosclerotic fatty plaque buildup in blood vessels around the heart. If this occurs and accumulation of fat
going around the male genitals, of course, would reduce sexual drive.

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