Sunday, November 14, 2010

Romantic Make Up For Your Perfect Dating

Romantic Make Up For Your Perfect Dating
There are many options soft colors that look beautiful on all skin colors, either white or pale brown. The key to give the impression of a soft and romantic in appearance is to use make-up are thin or not to highlight one area of the face is excessive.

  • As a first step, your makeup as usual by using a moisturizer, foundation and powder.
  • Continue to put blush on pale pink, thinly. Make sure you apply them only on your cheekbones and not excessive. (Brush your blush brush into the blush on lighter color before applying it and then press gently on your face.)
  • Pinch your eyelashes until you see the flicks, then use a black or brown mascara. Make sure you do not use it too much.
  • For the lips, apply a light colored lip gloss and soft. Choose the color pink brown. This color is the best option, as it will look fantastic on all skin colors.

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