Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Parts of Women Body Like to be kissed

In addition to the touch, she also likes being kissed by her partner. But a kiss is not just lip service, there are also other body parts that women like to be kissed. Here are the six parts of the body, as quoted Askmen:

1. Ear
Ears often a forgotten part of the body to be touched when men do foreplay for her partner. And with a kiss on the ear, can increase libido in women. As reported by AskMen, try kissing your partner's ears slowly and feel the sensations that will be obtained.

2. Neck back

One of the easiest ways to get the mood to make love with a woman is kissing the back of his neck. Kissing the back of the neck this can be done if you suddenly want to deliver a shock. For example, when he was washing dishes or working at the computer.

3. Collarbone

When your partner is still wearing clothes, one of the places intimate enough to be kissed. For those of you who do not know, there collarbone near the shoulder. Prominent bone in the shoulder, that's collarbone.

4. Face

When kissing a woman in the face, a kiss is more than just a kiss. When doing so, there is a warmth that is felt. Try to kiss your partner lightly and gently on the cheek, forehead, and jaw line. But do not ever licked his face because it is so not sexy. Face your partner should be treated gently.

5. Hips

You certainly do not think that the hip is one woman's sensitive areas. Hips can be very sensitive to women because the body is already close to the area that you really want to go.

6. Breast

Kissing a woman's breasts can be very sexy. But if you're doing it wrong, it can make a woman so lost appetite for sex. Do not ever bite her breasts if your spouse is not the type who likes it.

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