Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Parts of Women Body Like to be kissed

In addition to the touch, she also likes being kissed by her partner. But a kiss is not just lip service, there are also other body parts that women like to be kissed. Here are the six parts of the body, as quoted Askmen:

1. Ear
Ears often a forgotten part of the body to be touched when men do foreplay for her partner. And with a kiss on the ear, can increase libido in women. As reported by AskMen, try kissing your partner's ears slowly and feel the sensations that will be obtained.

2. Neck back

One of the easiest ways to get the mood to make love with a woman is kissing the back of his neck. Kissing the back of the neck this can be done if you suddenly want to deliver a shock. For example, when he was washing dishes or working at the computer.

3. Collarbone

When your partner is still wearing clothes, one of the places intimate enough to be kissed. For those of you who do not know, there collarbone near the shoulder. Prominent bone in the shoulder, that's collarbone.

4. Face

When kissing a woman in the face, a kiss is more than just a kiss. When doing so, there is a warmth that is felt. Try to kiss your partner lightly and gently on the cheek, forehead, and jaw line. But do not ever licked his face because it is so not sexy. Face your partner should be treated gently.

5. Hips

You certainly do not think that the hip is one woman's sensitive areas. Hips can be very sensitive to women because the body is already close to the area that you really want to go.

6. Breast

Kissing a woman's breasts can be very sexy. But if you're doing it wrong, it can make a woman so lost appetite for sex. Do not ever bite her breasts if your spouse is not the type who likes it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Style of Making Love to Women Who Have Difficulty Conceiving

The position of the inverted uterus is often said to be the cause of married couples with children is difficult. If you are experiencing these conditions, there are several ways you can do to overcome them, one by changing the position of making love.

But first, what conditions need to be known as an inverted uterus, or uterine retrofleksio scientific terms. Dr. Vanda Mustika (consultant sex) explain, most position of the uterus slightly bent forward (antefleksi), so that the mouth of the uterus in the direction of discharge of sperm, and sperm can directly swim into the uterus to reach the egg.

But in some women the uterus is shaped retrofleksi, which is bent backwards. In these conditions, the cervix is ​​supposed to be in the direction of sperm, its position becomes ill-fitting and more difficult for the sperm into the uterus.

It can be tricked by changing position during sexual intercourse. The trick; your position down or menungging with the direction of penetration from behind you. The position is to make ends Mr. Happy couples will face your cervix, as well as sperm can directly go and swim toward the cervix into the uterus to reach the egg.

After ejaculation, you should not immediately turn around. Hold this position for 10-15 minutes to give the opportunity for sperm to swim to find your egg. Previously need to be ascertained first whether you and your husband's condition allows for the occurrence of pregnancy.

Check and make sure there is no blockage in your fallopian tubes. Learn also how to condition your ovaries, whether healthy and may issue an egg each month.

Another important thing to examine is the quality and quantity of the husband's sperm. Have a husband underwent this examination? Because it takes a certain concentration of sperm, and sperm are intact with good movement to be able to fertilize an egg. When you and your partner have the means of reproduction which are equally healthy then try to force on during sexual intercourse in order to help accelerate the occurrence of pregnancy.

This is Food That Can Lower Your Sexual Desire

This is Food That Can Lower Your Sexual Desire
Pleasure of sex can be reduced if the passion for it began to decrease. Food is one of many factors causing the decrease in sexual desire. It's good, you know what kind of food that could interfere with intimacy between husband and wife.

Here are 7 foods that should be a concern in order not to lose your desire to make love:

1. Licorice

Licorice is a sweet root crop that is often used as a food ingredient for candy or other sweet foods. Licorice contains phytoestrogens, which can lower testosterone levels. This hormone not only found in men but also in women who triggers sexual desire.

2. Soybean

Soy is very good for your health. However, if consumed too much, kind of nuts and its processed products (tempeh, tofu, milk) have the same effect as licorice, namely trigger testosterone levels to drop.

3. Coriander leaves

The content of the coriander leaves can also reduce testosterone levels. The leaves are often used as a complementary flavor of this dish, often encountered in the typical food of Mexico and Vietnam.

4. Mint

Mint is often used as ingredients for candy or liquid breath freshener. The content of mint can also lower testosterone levels and have a negative impact on your sexual desire.

5. Corn Flakes

You have to know why John Harvey Kellogg created corn flakes that are currently quite popular. He is a doctor at a sanatorium, a hospital to treat patients with chronic disease. Kellogg created corn flakes to reduce sexual desire of the patient.

6. Sweet and fatty foods

Too many sweet and fatty foods can close the arterial wall. It inhibits blood flow to the genital area are at risk of decreased sexual desire.

7. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are consumed in excess can also reduce sexual desire. After drinking alcohol, people also tend to become depressed and headaches.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Eating Chocolate Makes Women Viewed Kindly by Men

Eating Chocolate Makes Women Viewed Kindly by Men
Eat ice cream, sweets, chocolates and so are believed to relieve stress and create a happy mood. Recently there are studies showing that there are more interesting facts from it.

Researchers from the University of North Dakota found that women in particular food tastes is directly related to how he is viewed by those around her, especially men. What does it mean?

Based on the results of the studies cited Genius Beauty, lover of sweet foods like candy and cake viewed as more friendly, cheerful and optimistic in the eyes of the opposite sex than people who prefer other foods. According to one study author Professor Brian Meier, every day people feel the bitter taste; sweet; acid; spicy or salty.

Brian explains further, the types of taste of food can affect mood and character of a person. During the research, respondents are welcome to choose foods they like. The researchers also observed deeper in the respondents who chose a bar of chocolate or crackers.

Once research is complete, found that respondents who chose a sweet tooth, more open in communicating, more friendly and willing to help others. While in the eyes of men, women who like sweet foods considered to be more caring, compassionate and could be a potential future wife.

Please note, this is a result of the initial research that can not be concluded whether the choice of a particular sense of something to do directly with the type of a person's character. Professor Brian and his team also could not confirm whether the woman can turn into a more friendly after eating sweet foods.

Furthermore, these studies also have not been able to show how the character of the respondents who chose foods with flavor other than sweet. The study was expected to continue to find out other facts that may arise.

Groundbreaking Research Continues for Heart Cancer malignancy

Heart malignancy has been discussed all through the internet lately because there are some new research insights which have been found. Scientists produced some wonderful inroads regarding this type of cancer.

1. Kidney Cancer malignancy in the Information

The latest kidney most cancers news says that CT scans can be utilized to diagnose kidney most cancers, and it also assists decrease lung cancer malignancy results substantially. It has also been found that lung area most cancers normally requires two various kinds, 1 for smokers and non smokers every. And, the newest press is that people who smoke take into account quitting when they take a personalized lung area cancer malignancy risk assessment check. This piece of details highlights and connotes the impact a chance assessment test has on the psyche of the smoker, who possibly realizes for the very first time the truly danger involved in creating a cancerous condition.

2. Total Bloom

Cancer malignancy spreads in the entire body, like SEO assists a website's status.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prevent Cancer by Drinking a Cup of Coffee

Good news for you coffee lovers. Drinks with a bittersweet taste that can make your body fresh and reduce drowsiness. Recent research states that if drinking coffee regularly every day, coffee can be efficacious devastating to prevent cancer cell growth.

Many studies about the efficacy of coffee has been conducted by experts. One of them said, those who regularly drink beverages in solid black, the small risk of stroke. Especially if you drink 3 to 4 cups or more coffee a day.

A recent study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, there is the latest information about the properties of coffee beans. In the journal, noted that those who like to drink coffee at least 4 cups per day had 25% lower risk of getting cancer of the endometrium. Because, coffee contains high antioxidants that are good for the body mechanism.

A principal investigator and professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, Edward Giovannucci, say, coffee contains a proven good for the body to act as a protective against cancer due to obesity, estrogen, and insulin.

"Coffee can protect from obesity because of the effects of insulin. We therefore hope that we will melihal effect lowers the risk of cancer. From laboratory testing of coffee has more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables, 'Thus says Edward.

According to a cup of coffee every day is very bad for the body. Therefore, the coffee has a powerful nutrient that t can prevent cancer. A cup of coffee every day can also keep the body from the problem of obesity.

Edward and other colleagues including Youjin Je, a doctoral candidate at the institute, where Edward works, see the cases of endometrial cancer in nearly 70 thousand women involved in researching the Nurses' Health Study.

They documented 672 cases of endometrial cancer for 26 years. They found that minumlebih than 4 cups of coffee have a greater risk of cancer decreased by 25%. While those who drank 2-3 cups has a 7% lower.

Edward would like to see further research on the effects of coffee against cancer. Because in this study, the coffee they drink is coffee without randomized first choice. That way, the researchers hope that the good results obtained can also be applicable in decaffeinated coffee. With the benefit of the same or at least have decreased by 22% if consumed more than 2 cups of coffee per day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your husband is Premature Ejaculation? Avoid these things!

Your husband is Premature Ejaculation? Avoid these things!
Premature ejaculation is not a problem in women. But when a husband or partner you experience premature ejaculation, then it implies that your sexual satisfaction was reduced. Women do not get disappointed because they orgasm, while the man was the climax first and hard erection again. Many women are less satisfied spouses cannot last longer during sex.

Actually, to overcome premature ejaculation, there are two things that men should not be done during lovemaking. What are the two things? As quoted from askdanandjennifer, these two things:

1. Stop Trying to Love Like Porn Stars

Quite a few men who tried to absorb the lessons sex from porn. But it is by acting like a porn star, premature ejaculation is more likely to occur.

The young men think they can survive when having sex with her partner, as what the porn star. Unfortunately that did not realize the men, porn is already experiencing a lot of editing.

Of course when the director wanted to show pictures made of its audiences. So could the actor quit during the first five, when in action with her partner, so he did not ejaculate quickly. After the break, just do it again the star. So on until the desired image obtained.

Keep in mind, the above occurred in men who have not been addicted to movies and trying to make love like a porn actor who watched the big screen. Conditions far different place if the man was watching too much porn.

Porn addiction can actually cause a man difficult to reach climax.

2. Not Giving Woman Orgasm

One way to prevent premature ejaculation is to relieve pressure on the action of men during lovemaking. Sometimes when having sex, men should be able to make a woman feel satisfied. Because of that, an inexperienced man became restless and agitated during lovemaking. Anxiety is what can make the men experience premature ejaculation.

So how do I reduce anxiety? The trick is actually easy, do not rush when giving foreplay on women, if men really want to make their partner reaches orgasm.

After the woman seemed very excited and he was already more relaxed, then penetration.nWomen can quickly get orgasm during foreplay as long as he's really excited. So when the man ejaculating too quickly, it did not matter because the women had had an orgasm.

When women have an orgasm, men can become more not feel the pressure. They can enjoy the activity and last longer.

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